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What’s New and What’s Retiring…

Written by Lindsay Fowkes, November 2021

The Hands-on Labs team is excited to present our latest batch of new labs!  At VMworld 2021 you got a taste of our most popular labs, and now they are being released for everyone to enjoy Take a look through the catalog Here or use the table and links below to go directly to your favorite labs.

What’s New from the past 90 days:

SKULab Link
HOL-2201-91-CMPvRealize Operations Lightning Lab
HOL-2201-92-CMPvRealize Automation Lightning Lab
HOL-2204-01-SDCIntroduction to vSphere Performance
HOL-2204-02-SDCvSphere Performance Testing of Workloads
HOL-2204-03-SDCvSphere Performance Testing of ESXi Host Subsystems
HOL-2214-01-ISMVMware Cloud on Dell EMC
HOL-2214-02-ISMVMware HCX for VMware Cloud on Dell EMC
HOL-2225-01-NETNSX-T Networking Fundamentals
HOL-2225-02-NETNSX-T Advanced Networking
HOL-2225-03-NETNSX Migration Coordinator
HOL-2226-01-SECNSX SecOps – Foundation
HOL-2226-02-SECNSX SecOps – Advanced
HOL-2226-81-ODYVMware Odyssey – NSX SecOps Challenge
HOL-2226-91-SECNSX Distributed Firewall Lightning Lab
HOL-2227-01-NETNSX Cloud Consistent Networking and Security across Enterprise, AWS & Azure
HOL-2233-01-MAPContainers and Kubernetes 101 on VMware Tanzu
HOL-2233-02-MAPVMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid
HOL-2233-81-ODYVMware Odyssey – Tanzu Challenge
HOL-2233-91-ISMVMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated (TKGI) with Management Console Simulation
HOL-2234-01-MAPVMware Tanzu Mission Control — Manage Kubernetes Across Clouds
HOL-2234-02-MAPVMware Tanzu for Platform Operators
HOL-2235-01-MAPVMware Tanzu for Developers
HOL-2240-01-NETVMware SD-WAN – Getting Started
HOL-2240-02-NETBuilding Managed Services with VMware SD-WAN
HOL-2240-91-ISMVMware SD-WAN – Introduction to Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)
HOL-2251-01-DWSVMware Horizon – Getting Started with App and Desktop Virtualization
HOL-2251-02-ISMHorizon Cloud on Azure
HOL-2251-09-DWSWorkspace ONE UEM – Getting Started with the Digital Workspace
HOL-2251-10-DWSSecuring the Anywhere Workspace with Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)
HOL-2274-01-ISM阿里云 VMware 解决方案 (ACVS, Alibaba Cloud VMware Solution) 概述
HOL-2279-01-ISMGoogle Cloud VMware Engine Overview
HOL-2281-01-HBDVMware HCX – Getting Started with Cross-Cloud Mobility
HOL-2284-81-ODYVMware Odyssey – VMware Cloud on AWS – Getting Started
HOL-2285-01-EMTVMware Learning Platform – Interactive Quick Demo
HOL-2286-01-TECOverview of VMware Telco Cloud Automation solution
HOL-2286-02-ISMInfrastructure automation for performance applications using Telco Cloud Automation
HOL-2287-01-ISMVMware Cloud on AWS – Fundamentals
HOL-2287-91-ISMVMware Cloud on AWS Lightning Lab
HOL-2293-01-ISMDRaaS with VMware Cloud on AWS
HOL-2294-01-ISMAzure HCX Lab – HOL-2294-01-ISM
HOL-2294-02-ISMDisaster Protection with Azure VMware Solution and VMware Site Recovery Manager
HOL-2294-91-ISMAzure VMware Solution – Lightning Lab
HOL-2295-01-ISMVMware SD-WAN for Azure VMware Solution
Select a Lab SKUVMware Cloud on AWS Guided Workshop

Retirement and Replacement labs 

SKULab TitleReplacementDate
HOL-2102-01-CMPvRealize Network Insight – Getting StartedHOL-2202-01-CMP2021.12.01
HOL-2140-02-NETBuilding Managed Services with VMware SD-WANHOL-2240-02-NET2021.12.01
HOL-2140-01-NETVMware SD-WAN – Getting StartedHOL-2240-01-NET2021.12.01
HOL-2184-81-ODYVMware Odyssey -VMware Cloud on AWS – Getting Started GameN/A2021.12.01
HOL-2133-81-ODYVMware Odyssey – TKG – Getting StartedHOL-2233-81-ODY2021.12.01
HOL-2111-91-SDCVMware vSphere 7 – Lightning LabHOL-2211-91-SDC2021.12.01
HOL-2104-81-ODYVMware Odyssey – vSphere Performance – Advanced GameHOL-2204-81-SDC2021.12.01
HOL-2188-01-EMTVMware Blockchain – Getting StartedHOL-2088-01-EMT2021.12.01
HOL-2186-01-TECTelco Cloud and Telco Cloud AutomationHOL-2286-01-TEC2021.12.01
HOL-2185-01-EMTVMware Learning Platform – Interactive Quick DemoHOL-2285-01-EMT2021.12.01
HOL-2121-81-ODYVMware Odyssey – vRealize Automation – Advanced GameHOL-2021-06-ODY2021.12.01
HOL-2101-81-ODYVMware Odyssey – vRealize Operations – Advanced Game 2HOL-2201-81-CMP2021.12.01
HOL-2115-01-SDCVMware Skyline – Proactive Support, Beyond Break/FixHOL-2215-01-SDC2021.12.01
HOL-2105-02-HCIVirtual Volumes (vVols) and Storage Policy Based ManagementHOL-2205-02-HCI2021.12.01
HOL-2105-01-SDCVMware Site Recovery Manager – Data Center Migration and Disaster RecoveryHOL-2205-01-SDC2021.12.01
HOL-2181-01-HBDVMware HCX – Getting Started with Cross-Cloud MobilityHOL-2281-01-HBD2021.12.01
HOL-2115-91-SDCIntrodcution to VMware SkylineHOL-2215-91-ISM2021.12.01
HOL-2108-81-ODYvSAN Getting Started Odyssey GameHOL-2208-81-ODY2021.12.01
HOL-2111-81-ODYVMware Odyssey – vSphere – Getting Started GameHOL-2211-81-ODY2021.12.01
HOL-2179-01-ISMGoogle Cloud VMware Engine OverviewTBD2021.12.01
HOL-2122-91-ISMNSX Cloud Consistent Networking and Security across Enterprise, AWS & Azure Lightning LabTBD2021.12.01
HOL-2186-02-ISMDeploying 5G Core Network containerized applications using Tanzu Kubernetes, Helm and HarborHOL-2286-02-ISM2021.12.01
HOL-2102-91-ISMvRealize Network Insight for Network Assurance and VerificationN/A2021.12.01
HOL-2101-92-ISMExtending vRealize Operations with True Visibility SuiteN/A2021.12.01
HOL-2101-93-ISMContinuously Optimize vSAN Performance with vRealize AIN/A2021.12.01
HOL-2113-91-ISMvSphere with Tanzu – Lightning LabTBD2021.12.01
HOL-2193-01-ISMVMware Cloud Disaster RecoveryHOL-2293-01-ISM2021.12.01
HOL-2187-06-ISMVMware Cloud on AWS – Security Native AWS Service IntegrationN/A2021.12.01
HOL-2187-05-ISMVMware Cloud on AWS- Monitoring native AWS service integrationN/A2021.12.01
HOL-2147-91-ISMUsing Bitfusion GPU virtualization in vSphere – Lightning LabHOL-2247-91-ISM2021.12.01
HOL-2147-02-ISMUsing Bitfusion GPU virtualization in vSphereHOL-2247-02-ISM2021.12.01
HOL-2187-03-ISMVMware Cloud on AWS with Tanzu- Lightning LabHOL-2287-03-ISM2021.12.01
HOL-2146-01-HCIVMware Cloud Foundation – What’s NewHOL-2246-01-HCI2021.12.01
HOL-2194-91-ISMAzure VMware Solution – Lightning LabHOL-2294-91-ISM2021.12.02
HOL-2194-91-ISMAzure VMware Solution – Lightning LabN/A2021.12.02
HOL-2175-01-CMPvRealize Operations – Cloud Management Assessment WalkthroughN/A2021.12.31

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