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VMworld 2021: More content, more labs, more fun…Imagine that!

Written by Hands-on Labs Team 

As we all know VMworld 2021Hands-on Labs was a digital event again this year. However, that did not stop us producing even more content for everyone to explore! Here is a recap of what we had to offer at VMworld 2021: 

  • Hands-on Labs Interactive Simulations: Access more than 130 step-by-step guided overviews of our latest technologies. The feedback from last year’s VMworld guided workshops was an overwhelming appreciation for time with the experts but that we did not give enough time. We hope we satisfied that with this years extended guided workshops.  
  • Hands-on Labs On-Demand Workshops: Presentations from VMware product experts taking you through a hands-on lab session. We know there is a lot going on during VMworld so you may not make all the guided workshops you would like to. No worries we have you covered with recordings that can be watched year around.  

          Stay tuned for this amazing content to be available to access…Soon. 

VMworld 2021 Stats 

Our Top Labs Were: 

Accelerate Machine Learning in vSphere Using GPUs 
Administration and Advanced Topics in vRealize Automation 
Automate your VMware Cloud on AWS 
Azure VMware Solution – Lightning Lab 
A vRealize Story – Operationalizing your VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) Private Cloud 
VMware vSphere – What’s New 
Introduction to vSphere Performance 
Getting Started with vRealize Operations 
Introduction to vSphere 7 Performance 
10 A vRealize Story – Operationalizing Kubernetes 

Time Spent in Labs – 226,899 minutes 

Total Sessions (Labs and On-Demand Videos) – 9,385 

We cannot wait to get back to an in person VMworld. We miss the interaction, questions, real time feedback, and the excitement of learning together.  

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