VMware Hands-on Labs

Did You Know?

Written by Kevin Brady.

For our customer base, many of whom are grappling with the transition from traditional application stacks to modern cloud native applications. It’s no easy task to determine if many of the products in this space will truly deliver value to your IT organization. The faster we help you determine the value that VMware is providing in this space the faster we can help you see how we can help you achieve better business outcomes. Let VMware jump-start your value exploration journey with the many modern application labs we have available.

We all know and love VMware Hands-on Labs, we provide everyone with free and easy access to VMware products and service with no installation required. But have you considered how we can also be used as a vehicle to connect you with other customers?

I am fortunate enough to have been a Lab Captain for several years, the last three supporting the Modern Applications Business Unit. Not only have I gained a unique insight into various Tanzu products but have also gained real hands on the keyboard experience installing and using them. Yes, I’ve seen the warts but have also learned from them. 

When talking to customers, I’m now able to talk to them from the perspective of somebody who has installed TKG.

Often, this is exactly the experience our customers want as they start to explore our Tanzu catalog. They’ve seen the 100-200 level presentations, but what they’re looking to do is get their hands on the keyboard. Often, feeling like they need to do a Proof of Concept but, why not use one of the many excellent Modern Apps Business Unit’s Hands-on Labs?

The VMware Hands-on Labs provides a live environment, tested, validated, and well documented. Each lab has a manual written by a subject matter expert that will walk them thru the lab, but since it’s a live environment they are not limited to the manual.

Looking at the number of customers who are actively taking our labs shows how we are already connecting with our customer base interested in learning more about our Tanzu suite of products.

VMware Hands-on Labs are not only a great way to provide you with a quick and easy way to access labs but to also get an event set up for a group of you to enjoy the labs. 

Go to HOL Request to get an event set up and start your journey into VMware Hands-On Labs.