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Discover the Value of IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions

Written by Bill Dignan and Jon Schulz

IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions

As Global Solutions Consultants for VMware, covering the IBM Global Account, we volunteered to develop an IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions lab. IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions makes cloud adoption fast and easy, allowing customers to optimize the value of existing on-premises infrastructure while seamlessly extending into the Cloud. 

VMware Hands-on Labs provides everyone free access to VMware products and services to explore and learn. No installation required. You only need your Chrome or Firefox browser, a reliable internet connection, and, hopefully, not too many distractions.

With help from the VMware product team, below is the lab we created and released on May 21, 2021. You can access the lab NOW, free of charge by visiting https://labs.hol.vmware.com/HOL/catalogs/lab/9974.

Lab Overview

   HOL-2297-01-ISM : IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions 

With VMware HCX customers can migrate VMware workloads to the IBM Cloud while using existing tools, technologies, and skills from your on-premises environment. Customers can also extend their On-Premises Environments to the IBM Cloud and move applications seamlessly between environments at scale and avoid the cost and complexity of refactoring applications.


Module #Module TitleDurationLevel
1VMware HCX Network Extension and Workload MigrationBeginner

Inside the Lab

In all VMware Hands-on Labs, a lab manual is provided that walks the user through various use cases that highlight the values of a given VMware product offering. Below are some screenshots found in IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions. For more information about the specific topics covered in the lab manual, feel free to review the text of the manual HERE

The lab utilized two IBM datacenters. One datacenter in Dallas, TX and the other in London. In order to connect the two sites, an L2 network was extended from the Dallas Cloud datacenter to the London datacenter using NSX and HCX. The goal was to use VMware HCX to migrate running workloads in London to the Dallas datacenter.

Workload migrations utilized the vMotion and Bulk Migration options in HCX.

Value Propositions

After the lab was created, we documented the significant flexibility and IT value demonstrated by the lab. Below, you can find our value propositions, which are a combination of problems solved, capabilities and outcomes. Here is what we discovered:

Lab Insights for IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions 

Persona FocusCloud Services, Networking
Solution CategoriesCloud Solutions
Product CategoriesMulti-Cloud Networking, Multi-Cloud Operations, Private & Hybrid Cloud, Software-Defined Storage
Industry SolutionsOther

Problems / Capabilities / Outcomes

Module#Problem StatementCapability ProvidedOutcome
1Migrate workloads from on-premises to IBM Cloud SDDCvSphere HCX workload migrationFaster connection and workload migration
2Migrate Live workloads with VMware vMotionMove live workloads to IBM Cloud SDDCWorkload migration with no downtime
3Retain IP address for migrated workloadEnable Network Extension between datacenters without altering appsSeamless workload migration without having to re-IP
4Bulk migrationScheduled bulk VM migrations with reboot – low downtimeMigrate many workloads on a scheduled basis.


Now you have an understanding of what to expect launch IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions Now.

Here’s to your value crusade! 

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