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VMworld 2020: Guided Workshops, VMware Odyssey, and More!

The Hands-on Labs are going digital this year and we have been working hard behind the scenes to make sure your experience at VMworld 2020 is unforgettable. We are excited share more information on what will be available as we go online around the world.

What to expect?

  • Guided workshops: Engage with VMware product experts and get your questions answered in a group setting while accessing a live lab environment. Sign-up through the VMworld content catalog.
  • VMware Simulated Hands-on Labs: Gain access to our latest technologies with Interactive Simulation Labs. View sessions 
  • Command Center Wall: Peek into the dashboards that monitor our multi-cloud environment, with an explanation of the data being displayed.  

What’s New with VMware Odyssey?

 VMware Odyssey is back this year, we have added gamification features to the labs you know and love. For the first time ever, we will be releasing two new labs before VMworld in our Global Qualifying Rounds. Yes, you read correctly, take part in the global qualifying rounds starting September 14th to qualify for the semifinal hosted on day 1 of VMworld.


  1. A user can only participate in one time zone location (America’s or EMEA). If a user registers to a session in the two time zone locations, only their first registration will count to qualify for the semifinal.
  2. A users first score will display on the leaderboard and count to qualify for the semifinal. Users can take the lab more than once, but the additional attempts will not display on the leaderboard or count to qualify. We understand that life happens and if there is an issue in opening a lab, we will communicate through our support channel within the lab environment and troubleshoot an issue.

We have been closely monitoring and receiving feedback from our community on ways to improve Odyssey and we have implemented some of these changes to ensure everyone gets a fair chance across the globe. We are excited to release scoring as part of the leaderboard, and we look forward to hearing your opinion.


Tournament Format


You will be able to register for the session according to your time zone in the VMworld content catalog available to Premier Pass Holders.  Go head to head with people online and reach the highest ranking on the leaderboard to become the VMworld 2020 champion in your region.


Prepare for the competition

We will have a total of four new VMware Odyssey labs available.

In order to advance and make it to the final on day 2 of VMworld, we encourage all participants to prepare by taking the Hands-on Labs that correspond to the Odyssey games:

Visit the VMworld Odyssey page to view the prizes we will be giving out this year.

The competition starts on September 14th and users will be able to access the lab by going to the VMworld Odyssey site.


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Make sure to come back to access new labs that will soon be released to help you prepare for the VMworld Odyssey competition.