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Raffle Winner Spotlight – Teresa & Jason

Our final spotlight from our July Odyssey raffle shares a bit more about two of our winners in their own words. Thank you Teresa and Jason for sharing your experiences with VMware and HOL!


I am a management analyst for the state of Nevada. I have been working for the state for seven years. I don’t use VMware products at work, but have been studying for a potential career shift. I really enjoy using the hands on labs, and when I saw Odyssey I felt it was a great validation tool to see how well I was retaining what I have learned.  Thanks for making learning fun and free. 



I am a part of the Digital Workplace team at my company and I am monitoring/security SME. I have been doing IT since 1996, and working on VMware products since 2003. Between VROPS, NSX, Workspace One and Horizon –  I am almost always in a VMware product during my work day.   I really enjoy testing myself with the Odyssey challenges, it shows me how well I really know the product.   The challenges are a fun way to pass 30 minutes of time,  I recommend them to anyone that is passionate about VMware solutions.