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Lightning Labs – The Best Way to Spend 30 Minutes


We know your time is valuable and because that we have been working on identifying the best way to learn about VMware products in small segments of time. We have uncovered a breakthrough discovery that will transform the way you spend your next 30 minutes. How? With the development of Lightning Labs.

What are Lightning Labs?

Lightning Labs help you learn about VMware products in small segments of time. We have broken down the content of a lab into small “bite-sized” sections that allow you to learn about a core product feature quickly.

This week we launched the NSX Lightning Lab: Logical Switching. In this lab, you will get an introduction to NSX logical switching and review the scalability and availability of the NSX platform.

Learn how to:

  • Review the NSX controller cluster
  • Create a logical switch, then attach two VMs to the logical switch
  • Review the scalability and high availability of the NSX platform

How will you spend your next 30 minutes? Take the NSX Logical Switch Lightning Lab today!

We are looking at expanding Lightning Labs across VMware products. Please make sure to subscribe to the Hands-on Labs blog for the latest updates.

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