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VMware Hands-on Labs over 1 Million Labs Served – Thank You


We are incredibly proud of announcing that we have delivered over 1 Million Hands-on Labs to 269K active users since January 1st 2013.  We really appreciate the help we have received from all of the teams involved for making this happen.

Some Fun Facts: 

  • Users on average spend 51 minutes taking a Lab, taking 3.7 Labs
  • We deliver 1200 – 1800 Labs per day
  • We have over 70 Labs and 400 Lab Modules for you take
  • We move more than 32 TB of Data per cloud – During VMworld we usually run 9 Clouds

Looking forward to a great 2017

This year will be the year of SAS Hands-on Labs supporting recent AWS announcements that will be released for VMworld 2017, and our Global vForums.

We have consistently added users over the years at VMworld, our launching pad for new Hands-on Labs and looking forward to expanding our global footprint.

Thanks for your support and looking forward to a great 2017 !