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Transitioning to the 2017 Hands-on Labs

As we prepare to get the latest labs out to you after VMworld, we want to make sure you are prepared for what’s to come. The process is similar to what we have done in year’s past and we will start rolling out a few labs after VMworld in Las Vegas, with the majority coming after VMworld in Barcelona.

As the new labs in the 2017 catalog get released, their 2016 counterparts will be placed in the HOL Archives catalog. The catalog can be found at the bottom of the list.

HOL Archive

One thing to note is that once the 2016 labs are placed in the archive catalog, you will likely need to wait a bit longer for your lab to start and make sure the Lab Status indicates ‘Ready’ in green before proceeding with you lab.

lab status

As a reminder, in order to make room for all this great new content, we will have to retire the 2016 catalog and that will happen on December 1st, 2016.  For those of you that may be planning to use our HOL-in-a-Box service for upcoming events, make sure you keep those dates in mind and transition any events to the 2017 labs prior to that date!

Finally, in order to help you find the lab replacing the the 2016 SKU, you can use the table below to find the 2017 SKU that most closely matches it.  For the most part, the 2017 SKU lined up to identical content that was in the 2016 SKU.  For cases where there was no direct match, you can review the Notes column to see where that content was moved to.

HOL-16XX SKU HOL-16XX Title HOL-17XX Match HOL-17XX Title Notes
HOL-CHG-1695 vSphere 6 Challenge Lab HOL-1704-CHG-2 vSphere 6 Challenge Lab
HOL-HBD-1681 VMware vCloud Air – Jump Start for vSphere Admins HOL-1781-HBD-1 VMware vCloud Air – Jump Start for vSphere Admins
HOL-HBD-1682 VMware vCloud Air – Networking & Security HOL-1781-HBD-2 VMware vCloud Air – Data Center Extension
HOL-HBD-1683 VMware vCloud Air – Manage Your Cloud HOL-1781-HBD-3 VMware vCloud Air – Manage Your Cloud
HOL-HBD-1684 VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery HOL-1781-HBD-4 VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery
HOL-HBD-1685 Insider Look at the Technology for How VMware Delivers Hands-On Labs HOL-1781-HBD-5 VMware Learning Platform: How You Can Deliver Your Own Hands-On Labs
HOL-HBD-1686 VMware vCloud Air Data Services No Replacement Product EOA May 6th, 2016
HOL-MBL-1650 What’s New with Horizon 7 HOL-1751-MBL-1 Introduction to Horizon 7: Virtual Desktop and Apps
HOL-MBL-1651 Advanced Technical Concepts of Horizon 6 from A to Z HOL-1751-MBL-1 Introduction to Horizon 7: Virtual Desktop and Apps This is the best place to start for Horizon 7 content, but the 1651 content is spread throughout lab SKUs HOL-1751-MBL-1 – 6
HOL-MBL-1652 Secure Delivery and Management of the Transforming Desktop HOL-1751-MBL-6 Horizon 7 Advanced Concepts Closest match, but some content form 1651 is in HOL-1751-MBL-4
HOL-MBL-1653 Advanced Concepts of VMware Workspace Portal HOL-1753-MBL-1 VMware Identity Manager 2.6: Application Management and Delivery Workspace EOA and replaced with Identity Manager
HOL-MBL-1654 Application Delivery and Lifecycle Management HOL-1753-MBL-2 User Applications: Delivery and Lifecycle Management
HOL-MBL-1655 Introducing Flexible Desktop Management for the Mobile User with VMware Horizon FLEX HOL-1755-MBL-1 Horizon FLEX from A to Z
HOL-MBL-1656 Horizon Air – Explore and Manage HOL-1756-MBL-1 Horizon Air from A to Z
HOL-MBL-1657 AirWatch – Introduction to Basic MDM and Console Customization HOL-1757-MBL-1 Introduction to AirWatch
HOL-MBL-1658 AirWatch – Advanced MDM, Content and Horizon Integration HOL-1757-MBL-2 Advanced AirWatch
HOL-MBL-1659 F5 Integration with VMware Mobility HOL-1759-MBL-1 F5 Integration with VMware Horizon Suite
HOL-PRT-1671 Self-service data protection using the EMC Plugin for vRealize Automation and Avamar No Replacement
HOL-PRT-1672 Deploying Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform with VMware NSX HOL-1723-SDC-1 Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform with VMware NSX
HOL-PRT-1674 Dell Storage presents Virtual Volumes, vSphere Metro Stretched Cluster and more HOL-1708-SDC-2 Virtual Volumes and Storage Policy Based Management Dell VVOL Conent included in the SPBM / VVOL lab
HOL-PRT-1675 NetApp & VMware Automation: Seamlessly Provision and Recover Tier-1 Applications No Replacement
HOL-SDC-1601 Cloud Management with vRealize Operations Standard HOL-1701-USE-2 vRealize Operations and vRealize Business: Optimize Compute Utilization
HOL-SDC-1602 vSphere with Operations Management 6: Advanced Topics HOL-1710-SDC-3  vSphere with Operations Management: Product Deep Dive
HOL-SDC-1603 VMware NSX Introduction HOL-1703-SDC-1 VMware NSX: Introduction and Feature Tour
HOL-SDC-1604 vSphere Performance Optimization HOL-1704-SDC-1 vSphere 6: Performance Optimization
HOL-SDC-1605 High Availability and Resilient Infrastructure HOL-1705-SDC-1 Site Recovery Manager: Data Center Migration and Disaster Recovery
HOL-SDC-1606 Cloud 101 – Deliver your Infrastructure as a Service HOL-1706-SDC-1 Cloud Management Platform: Integrating the Parts
HOL-SDC-1607 From Beginner to Advanced Features with PowerCLI HOL-1721-SDC-5 vSphere Automation with PowerCLI
HOL-SDC-1608 Virtual SAN 6 from A to Z HOL-1708-SDC-1 Virtual SAN 6.2 from A to Z
HOL-SDC-1609 Big Data and vSphere No Replacement
HOL-SDC-1610 Virtualization 101: vSphere with Operations Management 6 HOL-1710-SDC-1 Virtualization 101: vSphere with Operations Management
HOL-SDC-1611 IT Cost Transparency with vRealize Business HOL-1701-USE-2 vRealize Operations and vRealize Business: Optimize Compute Utilization No direct replacement, but Module 5 in HOL-1701-USE-2 comes the closest.
HOL-SDC-1613 IT Outcomes Overview HOL-1706-SDC-6 Guide to SDDC: VMware Validated Designs Use VMware Validated Designs
HOL-SDC-1620 OpenStack with VMware vSphere and NSX HOL-1720-SDC-1 VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO) with vSphere and NSX
HOL-SDC-1621 vRealize Automation 101: Application and Infrastructure Delivery and DevOps with Code Stream HOL-1721-USE-1 vRealize Automation 7 Basics
HOL-SDC-1622 VMware Development Tools and SDKs HOL-1710-SDC-5 Automate and Develop vSphere easier with a Technical Preview of vSphere Automation API and SDKs
HOL-SDC-1624 VMware NSX and the vRealize Suite HOL-1706-SDC-1 Cloud Management Platform: Integrating the Parts Module 4 of this lab covers integrating vRA and NSX
HOL-SDC-1625 VMware NSX Advanced HOL-1725-SDC-1 VMware NSX Advanced Consumption
HOL-SDC-1627 VMware Software Defined Storage – Advanced Topics HOL-1708-SDC-2 Virtual Volumes and Storage Policy Based Management
HOL-SDC-1628 VMware EVO:RAIL Introduction HOL-1728-SDC-1 VxRail Introduction
HOL-SDC-1630 Cloud-Native Apps: Bringing Microservices and Containers to the Software-Defined Data Center HOL-1730-USE-1 vSphere Integrated Containers
HOL-SDC-1631 vSphere Optimization Assessment HOL-1701-SDC-1 Introduction to the vSphere Optimization Assessment
HOL-SDC-1632 vRealize Automation Advanced: Integration and Extensibility HOL-1721-USE-2 vRealize Automation 7 Advanced
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