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VMware Hands-on Labs

Announcing The New VMware Hands-on Labs Dashboard

The New VMware Hands-on Labs Dashboard

Keep track of our progress


We had a few moments in between our releases and wanted to share with you a little dashboard we put together to help us keep track of how things are going.

Loads of exciting items to track (I think this might apply mostly to HOL geeks like ourselves but just in case you are interested) Left to Right.

  1. Number of Active users – this refers to users who have created an account and actually have taken a lab.
  2. Total Labs Deployed – this is mostly a testament of the infrastructure the teams have put together. We are past 1/2 million labs deployed, or 6 million Virtual Machines since Jan 2013.
  3. Active Concurrent Users – This is as it implies – number of users actively taking a lab. What I really love about this gauge is that it is active all day long – to us this means our users from around the globe are using our service
  4. HOL in a Box Events – This is from our HOL in a Box request calendar that shows events coming up. If you are not aware you too can request capacity for your small training event.
  5. Top Trending Labs – Active Users – This is a real time feed of the popular labs at the moment, the number to the right indicates the number of users taking that lab.
  6. Current Visitor Map – Its nice to see users around the globe taking our labs

We hope you like our Dashboard – Please do send us any feedback.


VMware Hands-on Labs Team