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Call for Partner Hands-on Labs Ideas


Do you have a brilliant idea that would showcase a Partner solution alongside a VMware product or Solution?

This week we kicked off our Partner submission process for the next round of Hands-on Labs for delivery at VMworld US 2016. You can review the Frequently Asked Questions about this year’s program here.  We are accepting submissions for Partner content that complements a VMware Solution and would be a good fit to show in a lab. Typically, we get a good response from our Technology Alliance Partners and OEMs, but the process is open to everyone.

In this upcoming development cycle, one change in the Hands-on Lab program is that all Partner related content will be shown alongside the VMware solution it relates to.  This approach offers better exposure to our Partners and allows Customers to find Partner solutions they may have been unaware of in the past.  It also allows the Hands-on Labs to offer a broader range of Partner related content relevant to VMware solutions.

To get started, you will want to fill out the Lab Module Proposal form here.  If you would like to review some good examples of submissions, you can find them here and here.  Once you have completed the Lab Module Proposal, you will need to submit it by Friday, February 19th  to the Hands-on Labs Idea Registry for consideration in this upcoming development cycle.  Once the idea is submitted, it will be reviewed and presented to the appropriate VMware Business Unit for consideration.

Another change in this year’s cycle is that the development work will be done by VMware employees that are experienced in developing and building these labs.  If your idea is selected, you will act as what we call in the Hands-on Labs, a Content Lead.  You will help guide the Partner related content to be delivered in the lab, but will not have to be responsible for developing it.  Partners can still guide the direction of their content, but won’t have to struggle to come up to speed on our development process and tools.  Given the tight schedule for delivery of these labs at VMworld, we see this as a huge gain for Partners.

You can find the replay of the Partner Townhall meeting here along with the slides presented.  If you are a Partner with access to PartnerLink, you can find more information and ask questions in our group, Partner Hands-on Labs Community.

We will be finalizing the Hands-on Labs catalog for 2016 on February 29th and will be notifying Partners that have been selected.

Best of luck!