VMware Hands-on Labs

What’s New with EUC Labs!

The following labs are now available for everyone to use in our EUCSOLUTIONS Hands On Lab tenant.

These labs are now publicly available to all customers and partners to get familiar with the lab and products, as well as use for demoing with your customers….as you are free to use these for public demonstrations.

What is in these labs?

F5 BIG-IP/VMW EUC Integration (HOL-MBL-1459)

  1. Intelligent Availability and Traffic Management with F5 BIG-IP
  2. F5 BIG-IP Virtual Edition Deployment with vSphere
  3. Basic Setup and Configuration of the F5 BIG-IP Virtual Edition
  4. Uploading Certificates and iApps to the BIG-IP
  5. Load Balancing Security Servers for External Horizon Clients Implementing PCoIP Proxy as a Security Server Alternative

VMware User Environment Manager (EUC-MBL-1560)

  1. Introduction and Installation of VMware User Environment Manager
  2. Dynamically Managing Settings within the User Environment Manager
  3. Application Configurations

VMware Horizon FLEX (EUC-MBL-1561)

  1. Introduction to VMware Horizon FLEX
  2. Mobile Users and Remotely Managed Desktops with BYO
  3. Contractors, Temporary Workers, and BYO
  4. Building a Custom VMware Horizon FLEX VM

How to Access:

  1. Simply go to the EUC SOLUTIONS tenant on the VMware Hands On Labs portal by using the short-link http://vmware.com/go/EUClabs.
  2. Login using your email address and password.
    NOTE: If you forgot your password, simply click the FORGOT PASSWORD link. If you DO NOT have a login, you must self register by clicking on the REGISTER link on the login popup.
  3. Once logged in, browse to the All Labs catalog on the top-left.
  4. Select the lab you wish by clicking the ENROLL button.
  5. Click START THIS LAB to start taking the lab.


I would like to thank the many VMware folks who spent time assistance with building, troubleshooting, providing content, and reviewing these Hands On Labs as well as Justin Venezia and Paul Pindell from F5 for their support in the F5 lab.