VMware Hands-on Labs

You’d Be Nuts to Miss These New Labs!

On today’s menu, along with Mixed Nuts, we have the vCloud Air labs along with Horizon Air and ThinApp.  Like dancing with Philip, these labs will make you feel all fuzzy, like dancing on a cloud!


HOL-HBD-1481 – vCloud Air – Jump Start for vSphere Admins – This is a great lab to bring you up to speed on how to connect your existing vSphere environment to vCloud Air.  It covers creating a VM in vCloud Air, along with administering your vCloud Air instance from within the vSphere Web Client and covers basic Networking and Security.

HOL-HBD-1482 – vCloud Air – Networking and Security – This lab offers advanced content around Networking and Security in vCloud Air.  It covers IP Address Portability between Datacenters and vCloud Air and tiering applications across both.

HOL-HBD-1483 – vCloud Air – Manage Your Cloud – If you’d like to get a better understanding on how to manage vCloud Air, this lab covers vRealize Operations, vCloud Connector and how you can utilize PowerCLI to automate resource management.

HOL-MBL-1454 – Applied ThinApp – Capture and Deploy Packages – The lab has been rebuilt and you will learn more about what’s new in ThinApp.next, how to build ThinApp packages and discover the tools available for updating and managing packages.

HOL-MBL-1456 – Horizon Air – Explore and Deploy – This lab introduces Horizon Air, VMware’s Desktop as a Service offering.  You will learn more about the offering and provision and manage your own desktops.

Check back tomorrow or as Trevor would say, you’ll vRealize you missed out on something big!