VMware Hands-on Labs

No Need for a Brain Transplant, Take These New Labs!

Today we have four new labs that will really get your cerebral cortex tingling.  The labs we have for you are around vSphere Performance, Atlantis USX with Virtual SAN, and NSX, both an Introduction and Advanced lab.  So until Dr. Hfuhruhurr can find a way to keep the brains of brilliant men alive in the bodies of dumb people, take a lab!  It will make you smarter!

man-with-two-brains-2HOL-SDC-1404 – vSphere Performance Optimization – This has always been one of the most popular labs and has content for both the beginner and the advanced vSphere Administrator.  You can learn more about the basics of vSphere Performance or delve into esxtop, or vNUMA.

HOL-PRT-1465 – Atlantis USX and VMware VSAN: Software-defined Storage for Tier-1 Applications – This lab comes from one of our Partners, Atlantis Computing.  It has been updated to show more integration with Virtual SAN, including Fast Clone and Teleport.

HOL-SDC-1403 – VMware NSX Introduction – This lab has also been one of the top labs and has been updated to the latest release of NSX.  As the title indicates, it’s a great way to get introduced to the fundamentals of logical switching and routing, distributed firewalls, and edge services gateway in NSX.

HOL-SDC-1425 – VMware NSX Advanced – Once you understand the fundamentals of NSX, why not challenge yourself with more advanced topics like DHCP Relay, Scaling out L3, L2 VPN and how NSX integrates with our Partners TrendMicro and Riverbed.

Stay tuned!  There are some exciting things in the vCloud Air tomorrow!