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New VMware App Volumes Hands On Lab Available

Application Management with VMware App Volumes and Horizon 6

I am pleased to announce the availability of the new VMware App Volumes Hands On Lab (HOL-MBL-1458)!


Get an introduction on VMware App Volumes working in conjunction with VMware Horizon 6 with View, how you can manage and deploy applications, and the benefits it provides with your virtual desktops.  This lab will provide you with an introduction to App Volumes when used in conjunction with Horizon 6 with View virtual desktops and RDSH remote desktops and remote applications through View.  You will find out the benefits of utilizing containers for application management and the simplicity of deploying applications based upon individual users, groups, departments, and company wide as well.



  1. Introduction to App Volumes
  2. Application Lifecycle & Delivery
  3. User Installed Applications
  4. Local Profile Delivery
  5. ThinApp Integration
  6. Remote Desktop Hosted Apps
  7. Rapid Application Deployment


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