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The art of inviting a friend to take a lab – VMware Hands-on Labs

Happy Friday Folks,

Just wanted to take a few minutes to give you some background on the “Invite a Friend” feature we have in the Hands-on Labs Portal…

This feature was requested by some our friends in the community that liked the content we had in our site and wanted an easier way to share the lab with their friends… so lets get started

Inviting a friend is easy…

1. Go to http://labs.hol.vmware.com – if you don’t have an account you can self register

VMware Hands-on Labs invite a friend












Step 2 – Choose your method  (You must have your Twitter, FB, Linked accounts associated in your  HOL Profile Settings – go to My Profile and associate your Social Media Accounts with HOL)  My friends tend to ignore my emails so I tend to use my twitter account a little more.

VMware Hands-on Labs invite a friend










Please note: Your friends will receive an email from “admin@projectnee.com” so it is important you use relevant / descriptive subject lines see below.

VMware Hands-on Labs invite a friend














Well that is all I have for this wonderful afternoon thanks for reading and remember be kind invite a friend to take a lab !