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VMware Explore Europe: Our Top Highlights

Our flagship event in Europe is over for another year; sob. It was such a jam-packed week, and with so many big moments from the event this year, we turned to Twitter to see what your favourite moments were.

Keep reading to find out what our attendees had to say.

Being together in one room again

Safe to say, that while events moved online during the pandemic, and we were able to share some pretty great announcements and excitement with the community, it just wasn’t quite the same as doing it in person.

The atmosphere that came from being together in a buzzing room, all listening and waiting to hear what a speaker has to say can’t be beaten, not to mention the feeling of sitting down for tapas with some of your favourite people at the end of the day either!

The General Session

Always a highlight. The conversation starter and the best place to get a sense of the scale of the event. The General Session was once again much anticipated. With a multitude of speakers from across VMware, partners and customers, it’s no surprise that several announcements were made in this year’s General Session (if you missed any of these, see a full wrap up here).

From sustainability to employee experience, and from cloud chaos to cloud smart, there was something for everyone in the General Session this year. Don’t you think?

Wandering the halls of the Fira Gran Via

Ah, the return of the expo centre and all it’s goodies. But wow, did the vendors step it up this year. From Formula 1 experiences to caricature drawing. Long gone are the days of just seeing the hardware on a stand. Our vendors were gripping the attention of our event attendees this year and it really did make it a whole lot more fun.

The Hall Crawl returned for another year, which just allowed the vendors to step it up to another level. It’s certainly a part of the event that we couldn’t recreate at home and excellent to see such fantastic conversations happening there.

Did you join us in Barcelona? We’d love to hear your favourite moments too! Share them with us on Twitter using #VMwareExplore.


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