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Easier growth in the cloud

Large companies can sometimes face technological challenges that build up costs over time. Scandinavia’s leading media corporation Schibsted solved this by going cloud-native.

Certain kinds of companies push the evolution of entire markets they operate in. Norwegian media corporation Schibsted is one of those companies.

Now owning some of the biggest online marketplaces in the Nordic countries, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, Schibsted realized they had an innovation advantage in going cloud-native.

“Because we are able to cut the operating costs for a company offloading parts of their data centre into ours, we will have a competitive advantage,” says Ken Sivertsen, Cloud Infrastructure Architect at Schibsted Enterprise Technology.

Originally newspapers were the core business for Schibsted for nearly 100 years since its founding in 1839. But eventually, they expanded into classifieds and now own popular marketplaces such as,, just to name a few, in addition to 19 newspapers and many more.

Recently Schibsted acquired eBay Classifieds in Denmark. To support their rapid expansion, they chose VMware Cloud on AWS as their platform.

“We have a public cloud strategy, and traditional workloads are now running on VMware Cloud on AWS. It is a scalable platform that we are taking full advantage of to become cloud-native. We were one of the first customers in the Nordics who started using it,” says Sivertsen.

To learn more about Schibsted and how they work with VMware to become cloud-native, please read the full story here.


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