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A constant state of reinvention – why execution is king

Innovation might be critical but being unable to execute will stifle growth and hamper enterprise efforts to evolve. For many the issue lies in wanting to wait for certainties. Yet the pace at which 2019 has begun, and the unpredictability of today’s markets means that waiting until you’re sure will only lead to missed opportunities and enterprises will be left behind.

So, what does that mean for partners? It’s a subject Nick McAlister is exploring in the second of his short films on innovation and VMware partner ecosystem. In it, he talks about partners seizing the opportunity to be a trusted advisor to enterprises that may lack the confidence to develop new services without complete certainty.

Fittingly, the setting is the video games section of the Centre for Computing History. As Nick says, while games may have once been considered children’s pastime, for many it’s their introduction into digitisation. Look at the way games developers have evolved and innovated. It used to be you bought a finished, final game. Now you can try immersive worlds in beta, you get season passes, developers are constantly tinkering and updating, incorporating feedback either into that version or a later iteration.

Rare’s Sea of Thieves is a good example of this – released in March, users played in a very different way to how developers expected them to, potentially hampering the overall user experience. A few tweaks, and they were able to provide a much more immersive, positive experience for customers.

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