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Safeguard the Cyber Security of your Business at VMworld 2018 Europe

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The way enterprises secure their networks is changing. The advent of cloud and the rise of the application, coupled with the growth of end-user computing, has completely upended the firewall-led approach. As new cyber breaches and attacks make headlines on an almost daily basis, enterprises know they need to change the way they are approaching connecting, and securing, their business-critical systems and applications.

At its heart, this new approach focuses on a complete software layer across application infrastructure, networking, and endpoints. This means increased visibility of how applications are being used, better alignment of security controls and policies to specific applications, and also allows the use of third-party security services for additional, deeper protection.

This new take on security means IT professionals need to have a deep understanding of how the threats they face can impact their employers’ business performance. Do you feel prepared for the future of network and security virtualization?

To help our customers, partners, prospects and practitioners, we have developed a dedicated content track focused purely on networks and security at this year’s VMworld Europe, taking place on 5-8 November in Barcelona.

It is split into three sub-themes, looking at: secure application infrastructure; cloud networking; and branch and edge computing. These sub-themes incorporate over 70 sessions, panels and keynotes designed to educate, inform and empower attendees with the knowledge they need. As well as talking about the big concepts, each session will provide insight into how VMware is helping partners and customers tackle the new challenges they are facing, and how VMware’s solutions, such as VMware NSX, are driving enterprise security forward.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of our top picks from the Network and Security track:


Connect and Protect your Business with the Network of the Future

Business today is moving at hyper speed. This keynote is a must see for anyone wanting to find out how competitors and peers are using VMware’s vision for networking in the digital age, along with the latest innovations, and see key demonstrates of technology that are transforming networking and security.

Transforming Security in a Cloud and Mobile World

If there’s one area that needs transforming, it’s cyber security. In this keynote you’ll hear the latest on new threats and what VMware is doing to help you combat them. You’ll also witness a very special live demo as the VMware Red Team and the VMware product and engineering team will be performing real attacks on live applications to show how attacks work to penetrate your defences, and how our new approaches work to thwart them.


Customer Panel on NSX Data Center

Learn from companies like yours already using NSX Data Center in their environments to solve problems in networking, security, automation, and more.


The Future of Networking and Security with VMware NSX

As containers and native public clouds become increasingly prevalent, what does that mean for network virtualization? In this session you’ll find exactly what VMware is doing, including new insights into NSX-T, as well as how SD-WAN is becoming part of the NSX portfolio and how multi-cloud and security capabilities are being built in.

If you want to see the full breadth of our Network and Security content track at VMworld 2018 Europe, check out our content catalog here and start tailoring your VMworld experience.

If you’re in need of more information, we also have details on how to register, as well as a handy guide on how to persuade your boss to sign off your attendance.

VMworld 2018 Europe begins with you. Register today.


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