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A fresh start – don’t let inefficiencies in the data center become inefficiencies in the public cloud

By Paul Casey, Chief Technologist at Computacenter

Customer demand is driving levels of experience which can only be delivered through multiple cloud environments. With IDC predicting that by 2021 at least 50% of global GDP will be digitized, the right infrastructure is critical – that means cloud. More specifically, different clouds to meet the needs of the business. After years of private cloud being the enterprise environment of choice, large organisations are increasingly incorporating public cloud into their infrastructure as their key applications demand the flexibility and scalability it offers – Forrester suggests over half of global enterprises will rely on at least one public cloud platform in 2018. Being able to manage these different environments is vital.

It’s something we’re seeing as top of customers’ thoughts right now. They’re wondering how they can leverage the best out of all of these public and on-premise cloud platforms, and how they change the operating model so any inefficiencies they had in the data center don’t become inefficiencies in the public cloud, where they’ll be penalised financially. This is also the time to rethink the way the IT aligns to & engages with the IT Consumer, then collaboratively build out a roadmap of cloud based services that matches the plans & demands of the Business areas consuming IT services.

It’s these conversations that have led to innovations, such as the expanded rollout of VMware Cloud on AWS in Europe, that, along with Computacenter’s Hybrid Cloud Adoption Framework, give customers the opportunity to harness public cloud whilst managing the complexity of deploying multiple cloud environments.

Recently, I sat down with Nick McAllister of VMware to discuss these trends and how VMware, partners such as Computacenter and our customers are reacting to the challenges of multi cloud. It was all part of VMware’s latest (and wettest) Carpool Tek Talk, which you can watch below:

You can catch up on the rest of VMware’s Carpool Tek Talks, where industry experts and VMware specialists chat about the latest innovations in affecting enterprise organisations, here.


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