Interested in giving an online VMware {code} Power Session? Sign up to give a talk on Kubernetes, PowerShell, etc.

Online Sessions Guidelines

Speaker Responsibilities:

  • Submit session title, abstract, speaker title, photo, twitter handle (if applicable) & speaker bio to Kripa (
  • Send slides 2 days prior to presentation time
  • When presenting, sit in front of window OR some place with good lighting (Be careful and make sure the lighting is in front of you and you are not back lit)
  • Make sure you network is strong prior to presentation
  • Have a clean background
    • Note: We will provide you with a virtual background if your background is too busy
  • Make yourself clean and presentable (brushed hair at the very least)
  • Please join the zoom link sent to you 5 minutes before your session will run live on the day of
  • Please use a headset with a mic and not Bluetooth headphones to avoid lag in sound

VMware {code} Team Responsibilities:

  • Will reach out to speaker(s) once session topic is accepted to decide date + time
  • Will promote session via newsletter, slack & social media
  • Will livestream the session at agreed upon date and time on our youtube channel (
  • The video will be available post livestream on our channel and will also be promoted after the livestream recording is complete
  • During the livestream, Kripa will monitor Youtube chat and send questions to speaker’s email
  • If requested by the speaker, VMware {code} team will set up a 30-minute zoom call to do a dry run of the livestream a week before scheduled date.

If at any point you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Kripa at!