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  • Automated network scripted installation of ESXi-Arm without SD Card

    A topic that I have been working on even before the release of the ESXi-Arm Fling is the ability to perform a network scripted installation (Kickstart) of ESXi-Arm for the Raspberry Pi (rPI) but doing so without the need of an SD Card plugged into the rPI itself. The latter point is critical as today, [...]

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    Published on 2020-10-23 | Time 14:50:49

  • Using PowerCLI and vSphere Tags to create/migrate HCX Mobility Groups to VMware Cloud SDDC

    If using your voice to create an HCX Mobility Group and initiate a migration to a VMware Cloud SDDC is not your thing, here is a more practical example using PowerCLI which includes HCX cmdlets that was introduced awhile back. Here are the 12 configurable variables that you will need to update based on your [...]

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    Published on 2020-10-21 | Time 20:19:15

  • Packer reference for PhotonOS Arm NFS Virtual Appliance using OVF properties for ESXi-Arm

    In case the title was not descriptive enough, I was curious if I could build an Arm Virtual Appliance (OVA) using OVF properties that would allow for all sorts of interesting guest customizations which I have blogged about before here, here, here and here using x86 PhotonOS as a reference implementation. My idea for this [...]

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    Published on 2020-10-21 | Time 16:01:45

  • Automating Workload Management on vSphere with Tanzu

    As promised, here is the complimentary solution to my existing Automated vSphere with Tanzu Lab Deployment Script, which will automatically deploy and configure the required infrastructure (vCenter Server Appliance, ESXi, vSAN and HAProxy VMs) so that you can quickly jump to enabling Workload Management on your vSphere Cluster. FYI: Ben Corrie, one of the Engineers [...]

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    Published on 2020-10-20 | Time 20:00:50

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New Release – Datacenter CLI 3.0.0


We are happy to announce VMware Datacenter CLI (DCLI) 3.0.0 has been released! DCLI was first released a little over 2 years ago, in technical preview form, as a standalone offering. Since that first release, there have been more than 5 releases with a ton of great new updates! We have added DCLI to the Read more...

Talking Code: VCSA File-Based Backup with PowerCLI


In this edition of Talking Code, we’re taking a look at how simple it is to take a file-based backup of the vCenter Server Appliance with PowerCLI! VCSA File-Based Backup with PowerCLI For more information on performing file-based backups with PowerCLI, see the following blog post: Automating File-Based Backups of vCenter Server Appliance For more Read more...

Hackathon at VMworld US 2019


The 4th annual VMware Code Hackathon is back! VMworld US is literally right around the corner and this is one of my favorite events. The amount of creativity by the attendees is always fascinating. From injecting a PowerShell terminal into the vSphere Client to the creation of a bot which scrapes Reddit for orthographic errors Read more...

VMware{code} Experiences at VMworld US 2019


The VMware{code} booth will feature three {code} experiences involving Raspberry Pi’s, sensors, Kubernetes, and more at VMworld US 2019. Sign up for the experiences here!  1. Introduction to Raspberry Pi and Sensor Programming This VMware{code} Experience is a combination of a 45 minute lecture session and 1 hour coding lesson. Participants will learn the basics Read more...