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  • Apple NVMe driver for ESXi using new Community NVMe Driver for ESXi Fling 

    VMware has been making steady progress on enabling both the Apple 2018 Mac Mini 8,1 and the Apple 2019 Mac Pro 7,1 for our customers over the past couple of years. These enablement efforts have had its challenges, including the lack of direct hardware access for our developers and supporting teams due to the global [...]

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    Published on 2021-02-23 | Time 17:00:05

  • VMware customer production use cases for Intel NUC 

    The Intel NUC also known as the Next Unit of Computing is a very popular platform for running VMware based homelabs. I have been working with the Intel NUCs since 2016 with their 6th Generation model when I decided to rebuild my personal home lab. Since then I have continued my efforts to ensure that [...]

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    Published on 2021-02-19 | Time 17:15:01

  • SDDC Import/Export for VMware Cloud on AWS – Part IV – Adding a New Feature – Finding API Calls

    In Part III of this blog series, we showed you how to import your SDDC config. In Part IV, we [...]

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    Published on 2021-02-19 | Time 13:40:18

  • Using vRealize Automation 8.x with the Pure Storage vRealize Orchestrator Plugin

    Previously I explained how to use the vRealize Orchestrator Plugin 3.5 with vRealize Orchestrator and Automation 7.x. Back in November of 2020 we released the latest update to our vRO workflow package 4.0 which introduced support for vRealize Automation/Orchestrator 8.x! Our integration with vRA utilizes the vRO Plugin and allows users to self-provision their infrastructure using all the goodness included with vRA such as blueprints, approval workflows and reservations. Lets Dive in and take a l[...]

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    Published on 2021-02-17 | Time 00:00:00