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  • Automated ESXi Installation with a USB Network Adapter using Kickstart

    I have been working with the Project Keswick team for quite some time now, which is an OCTO project is lead by my good friend Alan Renouf, who is doing some really innovative work with ESXi at the edge and application deployment using a desired state engine. Recently I had met with the team to [...]

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    Published on 2023-02-01 | Time 18:27:06

  • Quick Tip – Easily move or copy VMs between two Free ESXi hosts?

    There are many options when it comes to moving or copying Virtual Machine(s) across two ESXi hosts that are fully licensed and can be managed by a vCenter Server, but what about standalone ESXi hosts that only use the Free ESXi Hypervisor license? Luckily, we have a couple of native solutions from VMware that not [...]

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    Published on 2023-01-30 | Time 21:18:08

  • vSphere with Tanzu using Intel Arc GPU

    After successfully passing through the new Intel Arc 750/770 GPU to both a Linux and Windows VM running on ESXi, which also includes keyboard/mouse access and video output to an external monitor, I wanted to see if our vSphere with Tanzu solution could also take advantage of the new Intel Arc GPU? The answer is [...]

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    Published on 2023-01-26 | Time 19:50:59

  • Quick Tip – Automating allowed and not allowed Datastores for use with vSphere Cluster Services (vCLS)

    One of the recent features of the vSphere Cluster Services (vCLS) is the ability configure the vSphere Datastores that vCLS is allowed to use to provision the required service VMs, which can be on a vSphere Cluster under Configure->vSphere Cluster Services->Datastores as shown in the screenshot below. In addition to the vSphere UI, you can [...]

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    Published on 2023-01-25 | Time 19:31:28