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  • Quick Tip – Downloading ESXi Image (ISO or ZIP) from vSphere Lifecycle Manager (vLCM)

    Prior to vSphere Lifecycle Manager (vLCM), the creation of an ESXi Image Profile was done separately using the vSphere Image Builder service. If you needed to download a specific ESXi Image Profile (ISO or ZIP) for importing into another environment or to simply create a bootable installer, it was intuitive to download the image within [...]

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    Published on 2022-09-27 | Time 14:12:12

  • Power off VM from Guest OS Reboot capability in vSphere 8

    In 2019, a new VM advanced setting called vmx.reboot.PowerCycle was introduced and greatly simplified the remediation of CPU vulnerabilities for our customers. The operational challenge that came with applying CPU microcode updates was that all running VMs on an ESXi host would need to go through a complete power cycle (power off and power back [...]

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    Published on 2022-09-26 | Time 15:01:42

  • Infinite possibilities with new VM Service CloudInit transport for vSphere with Tanzu in vSphere 8

    When the VM Service capability (part of Sphere with Tanzu) was first introduced back in vSphere 7.0 Update 2a, I was really excited for the possibilities this feature could unlock for both DevOps personas but also for our VI Admins. Currently, the VM Service can only deploy two specific OVF images (CentOS and Ubuntu) that [...]

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    Published on 2022-09-22 | Time 16:05:53

  • vSphere Datasets – New Virtual Machine Metadata Service in vSphere 8

    Since the early days of Virtual Center and ESX, the only method for creating and sharing arbitrary metadata between the vSphere Management layer and the guest operating system was to use either guest variables (guestinfo) or the OVF runtime environment. While both of these capabilities have enabled a ton of interesting use cases and have [...]

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    Published on 2022-09-21 | Time 16:28:41