Kyle Ruddy

Senior Technical Marketing Engineer

Kyle Ruddy is a Senior Technical Marketing Engineer working for VMware R&D in the Cloud Platform Business Unit.┬áKyle currently focuses on vSphere automation and the associated automation frameworks including all…

Todor Raykov

Product Manager of vSphere consumption interfaces and extensibility.

Ivaylo D. Ivanov

Ivaylo D. Ivanov is a Senior Engineer at VMware. He is currently co-leading vSphere Lifecycle Manager User Interface team.

Vladimir Velikov

Lead engineer in the vSphere Client SDK & Plugins team at VMware. Involved in vSphere UI extensibility, API design, Cross vCenter vMotion utility, VMware Event Broker Appliance and community-related initiatives.…

Aaron Spear

Aaron Spear is a staff engineer who has been working for VMware since 2012. He has been writing software since 1989, everything from hard real-time embedded systems, to industrial strength…

Ledda Grigorova

Senior Software Engineer

Bill Roth

Director, Product Marketing

Bill Roth is Director of Product Marketing in the VMware Cloud group at VMware. He is a 30 year veteran of the enterprise software industry. He has been a programmer,…

Denis Chorbadzhiyski

Software Engineer - vSphere Client Extensibility and Plug-ins

Software Engineer - vSphere Client Extensibility and Plug-ins

Petar Ivanov

Staff engineer at vSphere UI team

Staff engineer at vSphere UI team with 13+ years experience in VMware technologies. Working on vSphere UI platform, extensibility and core features.

Jobin George

Engineering Manager in vSphere API Platform Area.

Jase McCarty

Jase is a Field Solutions Architect at Pure Storage, who specializes in Virtualization technologies & automation. He is an alumnus of the VMware vSAN Technical Marketing Team, a Federal Sector…


Software engineer at VMware. Working on vSphere-ui from Bangalore, India.

Abid Saeed

Abid Saeed has over 15 years of experience in Storage, Virtualization, Cloud Computing, and Business Critical Applications. He is currently working for VMware as a Staff Engineer / Architect and…

Martin Stoev

Software Engineer

Software Engineer at VMware. Member of the vSphere Client SDK team.

Georgi Hristozov

Software Engineer @ vSphere UI

Software engineer working on vSphere UI / Lifecycle Management. Interested in helping the vSphere users manage their infrastructure more effectively.

Matt A

Staff Engineer, User Interface

Staff Engineer at VMware with a focus on cloud technology and building delightful user interface products. Thrives on a rich diet of UX topped with a scoop of architecture discipline.

Sivakarthi S

Software Engineer at VMware. Working on vSphere UI and vSphere Mobile Client.