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The VMware {code} Hackathon Is Back!

Attention, fellow hackers! The waiting is finally over. It’s Hackathon time!

VMware is officially announcing the return of the VMware {code} Hackathon at VMware Explore 2023. This year’s competition will be held live at the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. 🎲🎲

Though it has been a few years since our last live coding competition event, we are super excited to bring back our in-person experience with teams battling, judges judging and winners winning! And what better place to host our competitors than the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas?!

We are excited to be bringing back some of the previous Hackathon winners and organizers, including Alan Renouf, Scott Rosenberg and more!

Regardless of your coding skills or VMware technologies you know (vSphere, vSAN, VMware Cloud, Tanzu and more), there are literally thousands of software development possibilities to collaborate on. This year, the Hackathon is organized as an Open Hack. Teams will be led by a team captain who proposes the team’s goal, theme and technology focus.

All teams will be assembled and can start coding a month before the event, culminating at the Hackathon day on August 21. You will also be allowed to join a team last-minute, even on the day of the event. More details to follow.

Below is the tentative schedule of the 2023 VMware {code} Hackathon event:

Key DatesHackathon Agenda
May 15VMware {code} Hackathon 2023 announcement
May 15–July 15Call For Papers: registration for new Hackathon teams, new team members and proposals (remember to send us your photos and bios) 
July 15–20Last call for registration 
July 21Coding kickoff for all teams
July 21–August 20Weekly team meetups/Zoom calls
August 21 Hackathon presentation day! Includes final coding, demos, judging, winner announcements with team photos and closing celebration

If you have a great idea or software development topic that you’d like to submit, the time to register for the VMware {code} Hackathon is now.

We hope that you are as eager and excited to join in on this year’s Hackathon event as we are to host. See you soon in Vegas! 🎲🎲

P.S. If you are new to hackathons and would like to read more about our origin story, check out the history behind the VMware {code} Hackathon.


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