vSphere UI Community Team
vSphere UI Community

Introducing the vSphere UI Community Team

Traditionally vCommunity has been a very lively place with lots of contribution throughout the virtualization space. Nevertheless, Engineering developing the products has not been widely represented. This is going to change!

As of today a new team is joining the vCommunity: the vSphere UI Community Team.

We are a group of VMware engineers responsible for developing core vSphere, VMware Cloud and especially UI.

Yes – we love coding in the dark with headphones on, but we also appreciate feedback and want our product(s) to be the best they can be. So starting today we are moving closer to hear your war stories, to learn from your experiences and to share domain knowledge.

The focus of the vSphere UI Community Team will be Deep Dives. We will cover what capabilities are available in vSphere / VMC and how they work. Hoping that you keep us honest we will also share some key insights as to why things are built the way they are and our future development vision. As usual, all views coming out of the team are personal and should not be considered binding for VMware.

In the next months a number of blog posts, videos and code contributions are coming your way. While the most common topics will be around vSphere, expect some general tech and UX posts as well.

Enough said, let’s kick this off!
There is no better way to start than a blog post by Ivaylo D. Ivanov, lead engineer on vSphere Lifecycle Manager. Enjoy!

   Upgrade your cluster – the new way

Follow us on Twitter @vSphereUI_Team and send us any feedback.


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