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VMware {code} Connect Hackathon 2020

It’s not a VMware {code} event if there isn’t a Hackathon! And this year will be no different. Our 5th annual Hackathon is right around the corner. On October 1 and 2nd, VMware {code} will be hosting a 2-day virtual, live, conference. You can read more about the conference here and register here.

Unlike past years, we unfortunately cannot be together in the same room for one of my favorite events so this year’s logistics will be a little different. You will register for a topic and select your country/time zone once registration opens and you and your teams will be notified on September 20th and be allowed to work together on your project until October 2nd, where you will have your chance to present your project at CodeConnect to our judges!

Don’t know how to code? Don’t worry, there’s something to do on every team regardless of skill level!

Key Dates:

• September 7th- Hackathon Registration Opens
• September 20th- Captains are sent their teams
• September 21st- October 2nd- Teams work on their projects
• October 2nd- Project final presentations, judging and awards


Michael Roy, Product Line Marketing Manager, VMware Inc.

Twitter handle: @mikeroySoft

In his own words, “By day I manage the VMware Fusion and Workstation product line, by night I am a cancan dancer.” Michael has been a part of the VMware family for over 10 years now and is Responsible for Product Management of VMware Desktop Hypervisor technology products including VMware Fusion, Workstation and Player. He focuses on developer productivity, Kubernetes, and cloud native application development


Justin Sider, Chief Information Officer, Belay Technologies

Twitter handle: @jpsider

Justin leads the development and implementation of a tool for his current company utilizing VMware, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure for an automated provisioning & testing solution. He is a strong advocate for PowerShell and using it to automate as much as possible. Justin’s github repository and blog can be found here:



In his free time Justin loves to play golf and travel!


In the words of Kyle Ruddy: Please join us for one of the most interesting extra-curricular events at VMworld, the fourth fifth annual VMware Code Hackathon! It doesn’t matter what your skill level is, there’s a team for you, just come excited to learn and connect! If you have any comments or questions, let us know in the comments or in the #vmworld-hackathon channel that’s part of the VMware Code Slack group.

Make sure you’ve registered for CodeConnect, we hope to see you there!


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