Next week, VMware {code} will be heading to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for the VMUG Usercon! Come stop by on Wednesday May 23rd at the David Lawrence Convention Center (1000 Fort Duquesne Blvd Pittsburgh, PA 15222) and attend our Raspberry Pi Labs! Come May 22nd and attend the PGHLittleHack!

Hackathon details-

When: May 22, 2019 at 6pm
Where: 12 Stanwix St, Pittsburgh PA 15222. This is a co-working space next to the lobby Please note parking is available nearby but is on your own. Don’t be Debby Downer over parking, get in someone else’s car or Uber/Lyft and enjoy more than 2 beers 🙂 Don’t be that yinzer complaining about tunnels either.
How: To sign up, just hit us up on twitter using the #PGHLittleHack hashtag and let us know you’re coming. If you’re building a team, let us know and we’ll make sure there’s a table for you (with space for others to join you, of course)
What to expect: This is a community event meant for you to learn from others and teach others while making friendly connections with others that have similar interests. Team sizes start at 2 and it’s expected you will show off what you did in the end – nothing formal, there is a projector in the room we will use. The space is pretty big and allows for people to move into several areas.
To bring: Definitely your laptop! With space for stickers :D. Bring whatever geekiness you think you will need. This is free form and we don’t restrict what you want to do. For example, @arielsanchezmor will bring a 64GB NUC with local storage, an SDN switch, and a Raspberry Pi, and anyone can grab it. There will be internet access to play with Public APIs – we have some participants from Expedient that will prepare some fun stuff too if you don’t know what to bring, and this blog post will be updates as we get more information of people’s plans.
We’ll have small and fun prizes to give away for participants that fulfill basic team-building activities, and maybe some surprises, commensurate with the ideas presented 🙂 -Will we eat?
@PGHVMUG and others will provide pizza and beer. You can bring your own food/beverage of choice as well.
Why: Why are we doing a hackathon? Because we’re geeks. And we feel that we don’t always get to play around with things at work, and when we get home we don’t get solid labbing time. So, a hackathon gives you not only the opportunity to work on something you’ve been meaning to try out, but also a community with whom to share tips and tricks. At the very least, they are always a lot of fun!
For more info regarding the Hackathon reach out to @pghvmug on Twitter!
Come to the UserCon to take a Raspberry Pi Lab!
Description:  VMware{code} Rasberry Pi OLED display hacking
Instructor:  Eric Nielsen
Learn to write python code to control the mini OLED display,  join early and get a free
OLED display to use on your Raspberry Pi.  Were giving away 120 OLED display’s and will
have Raspberry Pis to program with during the day!. We also have 300 additional sensors including
temperature, pressure, humidity and others.  Learn about Analog 2 Digital and all the protocols on a Raspberry Pi.