Datacenter CLI (DCLI) is back with a brand-new release in the form of version 2.11.0! There are some fantastic updates for the folks making use of the built-in credential store.

DCLI 2.11.0 introduces the following improvements and changes:

  • Added the ability to store multiple refresh tokens in the credential store
  • Added the ability to store additional parameters in the credential store
  • Updated the credential store file format

Let’s check out a couple of these updates in more detail.

Credential Store Updates

The credential store now has the ability to work with multiple VMware Cloud on AWS refresh tokens. This is important for all the users with access to several VMware Cloud on AWS Organizations and don’t want to retrieve the refresh token from the Cloud Console every time.

In order to add an additional refresh token, we need to use DCLI to login to the VMC service with the following command:

Note: If you haven’t saved a refresh token to the credential store before, it will prompt you to save it now.

At this point, we can only access items tied to the specific Org for the refresh token we saved in the credential store. As of 2.11.0, if we try to access an item (an SDDC in this case) which belongs to a different Org we now receive a prompt to enter a separate refresh token and whether or not the refresh token should be saved to the credential store.

DCLI Multiple Refresh Token Usage

Note: The second usage of the ‘sddcs list’ command doesn’t result in a request for a refresh token.

The other notable improvement is to how the credential store file is managed itself. The credential store file has been updated to allow for some additional context to be provided. When referencing the credential store, either with a ‘+credstore-list’ or viewing the file itself, we can now see some additional information such as what type of API we’re interacting with, the user, and (for VMC users) what Org ID a refresh token is tied to. We can do this because of an update to the file format itself. Previously, the file was an array and with 2.11.0 it has been upgraded to be a dictionary.

Example output from the DCLI credential store file:
DCLI credstore output


Datacenter CLI (DCLI) 2.11.0 has been released and it comes with some great updates to the built-in credential store. We can now store multiple refresh tokens to access several different Organizations without ever having to re-authenticate. Browsing the credential store is also now easier thanks to some updates to the backend file type. This allows us to easily see additional context about each entry available in the credential store so we can be up and running that much faster.

If you already updated to DCLI version 2.9.1 or newer, the upgrade process is extremely simple and follows the standard Python Package Index (PyPI) upgrade method:

DCLI Upgrade Process

If you haven’t already installed DCLI from PyPi, repeat the same command from above only without the ‘upgrade’ parameter:

For more information on changes made in VMware DCLI 2.11.0, including improvements, security enhancements, and more, see the VMware DCLI 2.11.0 Release Notes. For more information on specific product features, see the VMware DCLI 2.11.0 User’s Guide.

Let us know in the comments what you’d like to see released in the next version!