The vSphere HTML5 Web Client Fling has proven itself to be a fantastic resource over and over again. This Fling provides users with the latest and greatest pre-release updates for the HTML5 based vSphere Client. Released this week, version 4.0 of the Fling has two major improvements worth discussing. The first, this Fling can now connect to and operate against vSphere 6.7. However, it’s worth noting, this version of the fling no longer supports vSphere 6.0. The second major update, an entirely new section has been added which automation experts, developers, and DevOps teams are going to love!

vSphere Client Developer Center

The new section is called the vSphere Client Developer Center. This is the future home for all kinds of resources, each of which will help to make the vSphere development and automation experience easier and more streamlined.

New vSphere Client Developer Center Section

The first resource added to the Developer Center is an updated version of Code Capture. Code Capture can take the actions performed in the vSphere Client and translates them into actionable PowerCLI code! This update provides a couple important new features. Code Capture now supports vSphere 6.7! We can also now enable or disable Code Capture for the logged-in user. This control is available as a toggle switch within the Code Capture section.

Code Capture Enable Option

One other big update worth mentioning, Code Capture now understands whether you’re interacting with a single vCenter server or multiple vCenter servers through Linked Mode and updates the generated code accordingly. If we reference the Code Capture release blog, the example of shutting down a VM in a single vCenter environment was 22 lines. In this latest release, it’s down to 12.

The new code output:

If you happen to be using the Fling in an environment where Linked Mode is in use, the example code will be updated to address that and look much like the original example.


The new version of the vSphere HTML5 Web Client Fling has a couple great updates! First, version 4.0 now works with vSphere 6.7. Second, a new section has been added which is called the vSphere Client Developer Center. This section is going to be the best, and most direct, way to access all kinds of resources related to vSphere automation and development. The first Developer Center resource added is an updated version of Code Capture, a tool which translates UI actions into actionable code.

Download the latest version of the vSphere HTML5 Web Client Fling today, and let us know in the comments what resources you think would be most valuable in the vSphere Client Developer Center.