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VMworld US Hackathon Recap

And just like that, it has been a week since the VMworld US Hackathon! This year’s event produced a stellar turnout, with almost 150 participants who competed in topics ranging from PowerShell, to Python, to Blockchain. Prior to the start of the Hackathon, our judges, SME’s in the themes of the Hackathon, led training sessions to prepare participants and give final advice.

This year, in order to facilitate team creation and encourage projects to begin prior to the Hackathon, we licensed HackerEarth. HackerEarth is a tool that provides enterprise software solutions that help organizations with their innovation management and technical recruitment needs.  By using HackerEarth we were able to get started right away last Monday night and the projects did not disappoint!

One runner up team created a Branding Bot, that searches reddit for misspellings of VMware and sends them a comment letting them know the correct spelling. Another team brought a server all the way to Vegas for their project, and the comdivision team even made custom shirts for the event.


Our big winners of the night, however, were a group of four: Mark Ukotic, Anthony Spiteri, Matt Allford, and Tim Carman- team vMafia- whose project was to create a PowerShell/PowerCLI console built into the new HTML5 vSphere Client.

A BIG congratulations to our winners and a huge thank you to our judges! We cannot wait to see what wonderful projects come out of our Hackathon at VMworld Barcelona!


For more on HackerEarth:

 HackerEarth Recruit is a technical recruitment platform that helps in efficient technical talent screening allowing organizations to build strong, proficient teams. HackerEarth Sprint is an innovation management software solution that helps organizations drive innovation through internal and external talent pools, including HackerEarth’s global community of 2M+ developers.



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