VMware Code has a terrific set of Developer Center microsites already available for vRealize Automation, NSX, Workspace ONE, and Apteligent. Each of these Developer Centers give easy access to documentation, developer and automation tools, code samples, and more. As of today, we are happy to announce the brand-new microsite dedicated to VMware Cloud on AWS!

VMware Code Developer Center Microsite for VMware Cloud on AWS

The VMware Code Developer Center microsite for VMware Cloud on AWS gives direct access to those resources developers and automation specialists desire most! There’s an overview featuring what’s available through the VMware Cloud on AWS service as well as some videos that dive right into the available APIs and tooling available. This is followed up by a more detailed overview of the available core capabilities. Then, the key use cases are outlined along with the ability to find out more information about each of them and what kind of development efforts are estimated.

The Developer Resources section has a ton of great information available. This section gives direct links to the SDKs and CLIs that support VMware Cloud on AWS. There is also a detailed list of documentation and blog posts to help better understand each aspect of the service as well as how to quickly and easily get started using each of those SDKs and CLIs. Lastly, this section features code that’s been contributed by both VMware and the community to the VMware Code Sample Exchange in a variety of formats. From PowerCLI to Python, CloudFormation to Terraform, there’s some great resources already available and we more than welcome additional contributions!

The last section is dedicated to Community! Community involvement is an important aspect of the automation and developer resources and this section includes links to get involved directly. Joining VMware Code allows for access to an active Slack group with over 5,000 members, receive regular newsletters with the latest VMware information, and access to the developer forums!

Check out the VMware Code Developer Center microsite for VMware Cloud on AWS today!
Let us know in the comments what you think and/or if there’s anything missing that you may be looking for.