vSphere HTML Client SDK 6.5 Documentation and Tools Resources

This blog gives a detailed overview of all existing vSphere HTML Client SDK 6.5 resources that you can use while developing an HTML plug-in.

Official SDK Release

vSphere HTML Client SDK is independent section of the vSphere Web Client SDK 6.5 deliverable. You can download the official vSphere Web Client SDK 6.5 from VMware code. It also contains references to the vSphere Web Client SDK Release Notes where you can find new vSphere HTML Client SDK features, known and resolved issues for each release.

vSphere HTML Client Documentation for 6.5 release is available in two flavors:

The vSphere Web Client SDK zip contains a /html-client-sdk/docs directory where JavaScript and Java APIs documentation resides. There you can find information about vSphere HTML Client SDK setup with IntelliJ IDEA and Eclipse IDE, technical frequently asked questions and other info related to plug-in development.

General frequently asked questions are available from here.

To facilitate your vSphere HTML Client plug-in development, VMware UX team introduces UX Design Guidelines for vSphere Client (HTML5) in addition to the already existing design guidelines for the vSphere Flex Client.

Fling SDK Release

The HTML Client SDK Fling builds upon the latest officially released SDK to provide technical preview of newly developed features and to gather and address prompt feedback. The HTML Client SDK Fling build is available from the drop-down menu on the left hand side.

Screenshot Fling
Screenshot Fling

Each SDK Fling release has its own overview and release notes, available from the same drop down menu on the left. In addition, the HTML Client SDK Fling comes with a detailed “Getting Started with HTML Client SDK Fling” guide available from the SDK’s docs directory.

Screenshot docs directory
Screenshot docs directory

The HTML SDK Fling Release includes also a plug-in generator tool which helps you build HTML plug-ins.

For any questions regarding official or Fling SDK features, you can post a comment at the vSphere Web Client SDK Forum or search for already existing recommendation and guideline on our dedicated HTML Client SDK blog post section.

This post was authored by Ina Uzunova, Product Owner of vSphere Client SDK.


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