We love to host events here at VMware HQ in Palo Alto, CA, but every once in a while it’s nice to help out with developer meetups at other locations.

Last month, we had the pleasure to attend the Containers #101 Meetup at JFrog HQ in Sunnyvale, CA, where attendees were treated to a really nice venue, great food, and three excellent talks. Let’s do this again soon, shall we?

Below the slides and the livestream recording. Enjoy!

First up was Ben Corrie (@bensdoings): “All you wanted to know about VMs and Containers but were too afraid to ask” (starts at around [0:03:23] in the video).

Next up, Bill Manning (Sr Solution Engineer at JFrog) gave an overview of the JFrog suite of offerings: “Quality Control and the Power of Promote” (starts at around [0:42:43] in the video).

And last but not least, Dan Garfield (Full-Stack Developer at Codefresh – a CI/CD for Docker and Kubernetes) shared his perspective on “containers as the center of the application development lifecycle”  (starts at around [1:02:50] in the video).

Here’s the video:

  • [0:03:23] Ben Corrie
  • [0:42:43] Bill Manning
  • [1:02:50] Dan Garfield

See you next time!