More than 75 people joined us on Thursday at the Microservices for Enterprises Meetup to dig into the exciting topic of “service mesh for microservices”.

Please see below for the slides and the recording.

1. The Service Mesh

Keynote presentation by William Morgan (CEO, Buoyant).

William’s talk start at [00:02:02] in the video below. Download his slides (PDF).

2. Panel discussion: “Is this data path 2.0?”


  • William Morgan, CEO, Buoyant
  • Joseph Jacks, EIR, Quantum
  • Andrew Jessup, Head of Product,


  • Martin Casado, General Partner, A16Z

The panel discussion kicks off at [00:36:37].

3. Microservice API Gateway Patterns

Presentation by Marco Palladino (Founder/CTO, Mashape; Co-creator of Kong). His talk starts at [00:59:40].

3. “Your name is what? Why we need a common understanding of service identity in the enterprise.”

Presentation by Andrew Jessup ( Starts at [01:35:59].