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Our Slack Team Is Now 1,500 Members Strong

Since the early days last year, VMware {code} has been running on Slack as its primary community channel. Everyone who signs up for VMware {code} automatically receives their personal Slack invite within seconds, and so far about 5 out of 9 registrants have followed through and joined the VMware {code} Slack team.

Earlier this week, we surpassed the 1,500-team-member mark, an important milestone on our 2017 roadmap. What better opportunity to give a brief overview of what’s currently on offer:

Top 10 largest channels (number of members)

Not taking into account #general and #random (everyone gets tossed into those by default). Anecdotally, the ten below also tend to be among our most active channels:

  1. #powercli (297)
  2. #devops (263)
  3. #nsx (197)
  4. #vra (171)
  5. #cloud-native (158)
  6. #vro (158)
  7. #vsphere (145)
  8. #photon (128)
  9. #vcheck (115)
  10. #events (105)

Top 6 newest channels (number of members)

Our five newest channels were launched between January 28 and February 20, 2017:

  1. #iot (12)
  2. #rbvmomi (3)
  3. #vcd (3)
  4. #vic-doc (18)
  5. #kubernetes (38)
  6. #vcenter (16)

Top 5 fastest growing channels, past 30 days (number of members)

Only taking into account channels that have 25 or more members:

  1. #vrops (49 / +21)
  2. #api-sdk-rest (63 / +21)
  3. #vsphere (145 / +33)
  4. #admiral (40 / +9)
  5. #chef (60 / +12)

Latest question successfully answered in #general

Q: What channel should I join for API coding?

A: There is #api-sdk-rest, #pyvmomi, #govmomi, #powercli, and #rbvmomi. Also, #chef and #puppet, if you are working with those. Finally, #vsphere for general vSphere questions.

Average number of channels joined per team member


Most creative channels, past 30 days

OK, we’re not micro-monitoring every conversation, but over on #vmworld-hackathon and #hackathon-europe people have been sharing a lot of great ideas about what this year’s hackathons should look like. Check it out!
Look forward to seeing you around. In case you haven’t done so already, get started by signing up for free today: https://code.vmware.com/join


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