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vCloud Director

vCloud Director 9.x Advanced Load Balancing with F5 Big-IP


vCloud Director exposes NSX load balancing services through the edge gateways, which enables tenant users to deploy their own load balancer instances. However, this makes sense only for the local site. In this blog post, we will show you how by integrating F5 Big-IP with vCloud Director, you can have an abstract multi-site load balancer, which Read more...

Serverless: Functions as a Service in vCloud Director 9.x


There are many definitions and interpretation of the “Serverless” term, but if I have to say it in a few words, it would be: a software architecture, which allow the (Dev)Ops team not to care about the backend infrastructure (there are still servers, they just don’t care about them). Depending on the use case, there Read more...

Showback Reporting for vCloud Director 9.x


When using a pay-as-you-go type service, you would like to see how much you have spent and how much you are going to pay at the end of the month. You might also want to have an insight on the cost of services for the last several months. The native UI extensibility of vCloud Director Read more...

Autoscaling with vCloud Director 9.x


Software systems nowadays need to handle constantly changing load levels while being cost-effective. Peek load has always being a challenge, requiring a lot of spare capacity, and in recent years elasticity has proven itself as the best option. Dynamically adjusting resources up or down to fit the current demand for the system is de facto Read more...