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Don’t wait anymore! Migrate to NSX-T with the VMware NSX Migration for Cloud Director 1.4.0

It’s not a secret that NSX for vSphere has been end of support since last January. However, not all of our customers have migrated yet: to help better our cloud providers to migrate to NSX-T, we are thrilled to announce that the VMware NSX Migration for Cloud Director 1.4.0 is now generally available! 🤗

The VMware NSX Migration for VMware Cloud Director is the solution you’re looking for to migrate NSX Data Center for vSphere to NSX-T Data Center if you are running a VMware Cloud Director environment: it is an external automation tool that initiates and complete the migration process with minimum downtime.

VMware NSX Migration for Cloud Director 1.4.0 is GA

I can’t believe we just shipped our 9th release! 🥳 This new version unlocks additional capabilities to migrate, supports VMware Cloud Director features introduced in 10.4 and provides a better migration experience with increased usability.

In terms of new features, this release is packed with:

  • Parallel migrations support
  • Static routes migration
  • Support NSX ALB new features from VMware Cloud Director 10.4 (IPv6, etc.)
  • IPv6 routing support
  • DFW migration (on external networks)
  • Improved usability
    • Granular edge gateway parameters in the source YAML file
    • Log files improvement

…and a lot more! Please check the VMware NSX Migration for Cloud Director 1.4.0 release notes for a detailed list.

Please don’t wait and take the advantage to redo an automatic assessment using this latest version to see how it improves your capability to migrate

Parallel Migrations Support

A constant feedback we received several times over the past months is the wish to initiate multiple migrations in parallel. Indeed, the NSX Migration for Cloud Director migration process takes the organization VDC as the migration unit (with the capability to migrate up to 16 organization VDCs in a single time). However, some cloud providers want to migrate several tenants in parallel:

  • Because they have enough staffing to do so
  • Because they want to leverage the breakpoint mechanism (introduced in the 1.3 version) to do additional testing at the end of the migration (before the cleanup process)
  • …and other various reasons!

Until now, the way the layer 2 bridging was established (with a single bridge profile) prevented doing so.

Starting with release 1.4.0, the bridging mechanism was greatly improved, allowing parallel migrations (using different input yaml files): the migration tool will automatically check for the availability of the required number of bridging edge nodes and reserve them appropriately, allowing for concurrent migrations.

More information in the relevant section of the documentation: Parallel Migrations.


The VMware NSX Migration for Cloud Director 1.4.0 is now generally available, unlocking many additional migrating capabilities.

We continue to improve the scenarios and the tooling to help our VMware Cloud Providers Partners to migrate VMware Cloud Director from NSX for vSphere to NSX-T. This migration tool has a different release cycle than VMware Cloud Director, and we have already started developing the next version.

You are encouraged to continue providing feedback to help us decide how the tool should evolve. We would love to hear about you, in the comments section below, on social media (@woueb), in the #vcd-v2t-assist channel on the VMware Cloud Provider Slack workspace, or via your VMware representative.

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