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Don’t delay your upgrade to VMware Cloud Director 10.4!

If you have missed our update regarding the VMware Cloud Director 10.4 GA on the 14th of July, then please do look at the release blog.

Now that VMware Cloud Director 10.4 is out in the market for over a month with amazing new features, enhancements, stability and robustness, what are you waiting for? Upgrade your environment to the latest VCD version today!

Why upgrade, what is in VMware Cloud Director 10.4?

To give an overview, these are the key features delivered with this release that you should not miss and take advantage of:

Platform Services & Operations​ improvements

  • Enhanced visibility into catalog synchronization steps and progress​
  • Fast cross-VC catalog instantiation with shared storage​
  • Service account API tokens​
  • Consolidated VM console on VCD API URL​
  • High-priority automated test suites run on CDS​
  • Support for all VCD workflows through a proxy between VCD and vSphere (including for automated tests)​
  • Multi-tenancy service account enhancements​
  • CSE / Container enhancements​
  • Extensibility enhancements​
  • Terraform & vRA enhancements

Networking improvements

  • Static Routes​
  • New NSX Advanced Load Balancer Basic Features​
  • New NSX Advanced Load Balancer licensing model​
  • Mitigation for NSX-T vApp fencing limitations (API)

Storage improvements

  • Better IOPS reporting
  • SDRS enhancements​ to save VM placement time and utilize proper storage space

Compliance updates

  • STIG Readiness Guide​
  • Photon OS 3.0

Upgrade to VMware Cloud Director 10.4

  • Those still running older versions of VMware Cloud Director prior to v10.2 have reached the End of general support as per the product lifecycle guide
  • For those who are running VMware Cloud Director version 10.2, this version will reach the End of general support as of October 2022
  • Those running on VMware Cloud Director v10.3.x may miss on many newer and enhanced features which can make their day 2 job easier.

Upgrade Path for VMware Cloud Director 10.4 Appliance:

Upgrade Path for Linux-Based VMware Cloud Director 10.4 with external Postgres Upgrade

You can also check the Upgrade Path here.

Upgrade Best Practices:

Additional Resources:

For more information about VMware Cloud Director 10.4, you can explore the following resources:

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