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VMware Cloud Director service Deployment Guide for VMware Cloud on AWS

An updated deployment guide for VMware Cloud Director service for VMware Cloud on AWS has been released. The updated guide provides detailed technical guidance to provision and configure an environment.

The updated deployment guide provides in depth instructions on key areas including:

  • Preparing a VMware Partner Navigator Provider Organization
  • Deploying and associating an SDD
  • Deploying a VMware Cloud Director service instance
  • S3 configuration (within the SDDC)
  • Creating and configuring firewall rules
  • Creating the first tenant in VMware Cloud Director service

Link to the deployment guide: VMware Cloud Director Service Deployment Guide for VMware Cloud on AWS

Also updated in November 2021 was instructions on how to migrate workloads with VMware Cloud Director Availability.

Link to the update instructions: Migration to VMware Cloud Director service


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