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Container Service Extension 3.0.3 is Now Available

We are pleased to announce that Container Service Extension (CSE) upgrade 3.0.3 is now generally available. With CSE 3.0.3, providers can leverage Tanzu Kubernetes Grid multi-cloud (TKGm) capabilities with full stack support that offers multiple benefits to unlock the full potential of consistent upstream Kubernetes (K8) on their VMware Cloud Director (VCD) powered clouds thus enabling them to further address their end customer needs and capture broader business opportunities. 

What’s new?

Cloud Providers using VMware Cloud Director (VCD) 10.2.2 can now directly deploy fully supported Tanzu Kubernetes Grid clusters using CSE 3.0.3. This delivers the right platform to provide new compelling offerings to the customers in the development and delivery of next generation applications.  

Fully supported VMware TKG Kubernetes distribution with VCD 

Delivering K8s and container services involves providing essential components for compute, network, and storage; CSE further simplifies this as it extends the existing VCD constructs across the environment – expanding the providers capabilities to extend their managed and self-service offering to containers and K8 as a service in addition to their existing IaaS. In addition, VMware extends full stack K8s support via VMware Global Support Services (GSS) along with a range of capabilities that accelerate cloud providers to offer a comprehensive portfolio of container and Kubernetes offerings with the purchase of Tanzu Basic or higher versions. Tanzu Basic is available via VCPP Term License Contract click here to know more on pricing – one more reason to buy Tanzu Basic today! Know more about Tanzu Basic here.

Cloud providers can further expand their range of offerings by providing customers enhanced self-service access to these K8s clusters, bringing operational scale, governance, consistency, and efficiency to the Kubernetes operations by deploying Tanzu Mission Control (TMC) – a centralized management platform (available via MSP).  See how you can manage K8 clusters created on VCD by TMC  

How to Upgrade?

Cloud providers need to enable TKGm with CSE 3.0.3. Check out the step-by-step guide to how you can enable TKGm here
Once TKGm is set up as defined, the CSE server automatically picks up the TKG 1.3 versions and all the versions that are supported.

Here are some resources for further reading: 
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