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Building a compelling Modern Apps and Managed Application Cloud Provider Business

While VMware Cloud partners are well positioned and established as trusted Infrastructure-as-a- Service (IaaS) providers, new application patterns and technology trends are providing large opportunities for future growth and customer relationships. The ability to succeed in this developing market often relies on the solid foundation of cost-efficient and reliable IaaS platforms.

Our new white paper builds on the Cloud Provider Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model for IaaS offerings, which is detailed in a recently published paper.

We focus on modern applications and managed application platform services, ranging from Containers-as-a-Service (CaaS) to databases, web services, middleware and more, all of which can be enabled through the VMware Partner Connect Cloud Provider program.

The approach we describe is intended as a guide for providers to offer new services on a proven platform that can be both innovative and competitively priced. We will explore in detail a solution stack based on a TCO model for managed applications and modern application platforms that we believe can allow providers to achieve attractive margins while still being price and service quality competitive against competitors and including superior service quality.

In addition to the white paper available on Partner Connect, we also created a UX demo video that details the user experience of providers and customers that offer and consume these services through VMware Cloud Director and the VMware Cloud Provider platform:

Download white paper from Partner Connect today to get started with building a compelling modern apps and managed application cloud provider business:


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