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Recap of VMware Explore 2022 

With over 600 sessions at VMware Explore 2022, we know it was hard to catch them all. So, we’re making it simple for you. In this blog, we will highlight some of the sessions we attended that are most relevant to help your company overcome common business challenges around application development. To catch the latest announcements and product information, you can also view the sessions in the VMware Explore Video Library.  

VMware Image Builder 

VMware Image Builder is a SaaS service that allows customers to package, verify, and publish software across multiple Kubernetes providers. VMware Image Builder enables enterprises and ISVs to let go of manual checks and validations. In turn, this saves the valuable time of developers and operators by reducing the typically steep learning curve they need to go through in adding new applications, operating systems, and targeting new platforms.  

CARTO is a leading cloud-native location intelligence platform where its customers can solve spatial problems with data and analysis. In this VMware Explore session, we learned how CARTO required a self-hosted CARTO platform and was able to use VMware Image Builder to optimize the outer-loop cycle to verify content on multiple platforms. 

At VMware Explore, engineering members from the VMware Image Builder team – Carlos Sanchez (Sr. Manager, VMware) and Beltran Rueda Borrego (Sr. Engineering Manager, VMware) – teamed up with CARTO CTO, Alberto Asuero, for a real-world showcase of how an independent software vendor (ISV) like CARTO can utilize the VMware Image Builder solution. Watch the full session here: How CARTO Optimized Kubernetes with VMware Image Builder 

Image 1: Beltran Rueda Borrego presenting the benefits of VMware Image Builder 

VMware Application Catalog 

VMware Application Catalog is a SaaS service that provides a curated catalog of more than 100+ open source components that are continuously maintained, verifiably tested, and privately delivered to its customers for use in production environments. This catalog enables a superior self-service experience for developers while enforcing compliance, security, and operational best practices. With VMware Application Catalog, companies can refocus their efforts on business value-add activities instead of focusing on config management. Additionally, with VMware Application Catalog, there is a level of transparency and auditability achieved as with in-house maintained software.   

In July 2022, it was announced that the VMware Application Catalog UI will be surfaced through VMware Marketplace. This capability made the Marketplace a one-stop shop for first-party tools, third-party solutions, free open source solutions, and curated, hardened open source images for users. Since then, VMware Application Catalog has expanded support for OpenShift, and operating image system support. The newest enhancements with VMware Application Catalog can be found in this release blog. 

At VMware Explore 2022, director of product management Kaushik Chatterjee presented an overview of the VMware Application Catalog and how it can be used to secure customers’ software supply chain. Watch the full session here: Secure Your Open Source Software Supply Chain with VMware Application Catalog 

For additional information on the integration, watch this webinar and read the announcement blog

Image 2: Kaushik Chatterjee presenting an overview of VMware Application Catalog 

VMware Marketplace 

VMware Marketplace is a one-stop shop for VMware validated and certified ecosystem solutions that enables customers to discover, try, purchase, and deploy directly to VMware endpoints. The Marketplace contains a rich ecosystem of over 800+ active partners. This year, several of our partners returned to VMware Explore to talk about their offerings on the Marketplace – watch the full sessions now: 

  • Build, Run and Manage Geo-Distributed Modern Apps with Redis and VMware Tanzu [CNAB2322US
  • Domino and VMware Tanzu: How Infrastructure Virtualization Accelerates Data Science [KUBB2156US
  • IT Modernization for Enterprise AI [KUBB1604US
  • Time to Upgrade Your Database: Don’t Leave Your Modern Apps Stranded [CNAB2314US
  • Enable AI/ML Workloads in Any Environment with VMware Tanzu and DKube [KUBB1956US
  • Deploy Cloud Native Applications to VMware Tanzu Using GitLab [DOSB1571US
  • Data Protection for Kubernetes and Modern Applications on VMware [CEIB2050USD
  • From Legacy to Multi-Cloud: A Cloud-First Approach to Modernization with OpenLegacy and VMware Tanzu [CNAB2135US
  • Ingest on AWS, Analyze on GCP, and Visualize on Azure – Live, Sovereign, Multi-Cloud Analytics [CNAB2329US

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To view all sessions recorded during VMware Explore 2022, visit the Video Library.  

Pictures in this blog courtesy of the author, Ruhi Sehgal