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How to: 4 Ways to Cloud in 5 mins. (Multi, GCP, AVS, AWS)

Time is tight when you are on a cloud team or a DevOps role. You are asked to move something to a cloud platform you are not familiar with. As VMware forges partnerships with our Public Cloud Provider Partners (also known as Hyperscale partners), our customers now have the choice and flexibility to choose the appropriate Public Cloud Providers, in their preferred geographic region, to build, manage, secure and operate their VMware-based workloads. Click to Consume.

Creating VMware Clouds on Multiple Cloud Platforms

Creating VMware Clouds in Multiple Clouds

Demo of how to deploy VMware Clouds (aka Software Defined Data Centers or Private Clouds) in Multiple Cloud Provider Partner environments, including Azure VMware Solution (AVS), Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE), and VMware Cloud on AWS. Azure Files w/ Azure VMware Solution

Configure Azure File with VMware Cloud Solutions

A demo of Azure VMware Solution’s tight integration with Azure native services. This enables Azure customers to leverage existing VMware tools and technologies on a global Microsoft Azure Infrastructure, benefitting from low-latency access to Azure services. One such service is “Azure Files”. The video demonstrates a four a step process for configuring virtual machines running on VMware Azure Solution that can access Azure Files over an Azure private end point.

VMware Cloud On AWS VDI and AWS FSX

VMware Cloud On AWS VDI and AWS FSX

Demo: Amazon FSx for Windows File Server, a managed Windows file server-as-a-service offering that can support workloads, including VMware Horizon, in VMware Cloud on AWS. This video will demonstrate how to configure Amazon FSx for Windows File Server with VMware Cloud on AWS. Amazon Web Services has a rich ecosystem of solutions to support Microsoft Windows workloads running in Amazon’s cloud.

Demo: Connect Cloud SQL managed MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server to Google Cloud VMware Engine workloads using Private Services Access. Using a Google Cloud VMware Engine Private Connection, you can access on-prem workloads, Google Compute Engine workloads running in your VPC Network, or Google managed services, like Cloud SQL over a highly available, Google managed connection.

We on the Multi-Cloud team are on a mission to make multi-cloud scenarios consumable for teams. Visit us @ to learn more!

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