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Availability of i3en.metal instances for VMware Cloud on AWS

As more workloads are moved to VMware Cloud on AWS, the need for more compute, storage and memory grows, too. To address this, we’re excited to announce that i3en.metal instances are now available in 17 AWS Regions.


We are excited to announce the availability of the i3en.metal instance type on VMware Cloud on AWS. In this blog post, we will explore what this instance type can provide for our VMware Cloud on AWS customers. Head over to other blogs to learn what’s new with VMware Cloud on AWS, or to take a closer look at the i3en.metal instance type.

i3en.metal instances represent the latest in the list of instance types offered by VMware Cloud on AWS. It’s currently available in the following regions and it will be available in additional regions over the coming months

  • AWS US-East-N. Virginia
  • AWS US-West-Oregon
  • AWS AP-Sydney
  • AWS Europe Central-Frankfurt
  • AWS Europe-West-London
  • AWS US-East-Ohio
  • AWS Europe-Ireland
  • AWS AP-Tokyo
  • AWS US-West-GovCloud
  • AWS US-West- N.California
  • AWS Europe- Paris
  • AWS Europe- Stockholm
  • AWS AP-Singapore
  • Canada (Central)
  • AWS South America (Sao Paulo)
  • AWS AP (Seoul)
  • AWS AP (Mumbai)


As customers look to migrate more workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS – a testament to its reliability and security – their demands for more compute, memory and storage have also increased. VMware Cloud on AWS environments running on i3en.metal instances aim to address a variety of workloads, including data or storage intensive workloads requiring high random I/O access such as relational databases, and workloads that require end to end security.

Features of i3en.metal instances

Based on the 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor, i3en.metal instances are optimized for applications requiring high random I/O access to large amounts of data like NoSQL databases, distributed file systems and data warehousing. With storage optimization of VMware VSAN Compression, VMware Cloud on AWS with i3en.metal instances can provide 45.84 TiB (50 TB) raw capacity per host, with an additional 6.55 TiB cache capacity delivered via low latency NVMe SSD storage. Depending on workload characteristics and FTT/RAID settings, this instance type can deliver up to 34 TiB of usable storage capacity per host. That said, mileage will vary. 

Hyperthreading is enabled by default to provide 96 logical cores or vCPUs especially suited for applications that require increased CPU throughput. To run mission critical applications that are licensed per physical core, customers also have the choice of configuring SDDCs with a wide selection of Custom CPU Core Counts, starting with 8 to 96 logical cores. With 768 GiB (825 GB) of memory, these instances offer 1.5x more memory than current i3.metal instances. 

Security is at the heart of VMware Cloud on AWS. i3en.metal instances take the security capabilities of VMware Cloud on AWS even further by providing in-transit hardware level encryption between instances within the SDDC boundaries. This encryption seamlessly leverages the AWS Key Management Service (KMS) to enable security for data both at rest and in-transit when using i3en.metal instances on VMware Cloud on AWS.  


Services for VMware Cloud on AWS on i3en.metal

All available services on VMware Cloud on AWS are supported in i3en.metal instances. This means customers can use existing management tools like VMware vRealize Automation, vRealize Operations and vRealize Network Insight. They can also host virtual desktop infrastructure using VMware Horizon on VMware Cloud on AWS clusters running on i3en.metal instances; and use the VMware Cloud on AWS Sizer to correctly size their environments based upon the requirements of their intended workloads. 

Customers can deploy new environments on i3en.metal or migrate their existing environment to i3en using well-established options such as VMware vMotion and VMware HCX.

Get started

To begin taking advantage of the increased storage, compute, memory and security capabilities of i3en.metal instances with VMware Cloud on AWS, visit vmc.vmware.com 


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