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VMware Cloud Foundation Has Medtech Company Looking Sharp

Being a healthcare technology organization, innovation, efficiency and the ability to respond to mission-critical applications is of the utmost importance. HTL-STREFA is a leading Polish medical technology company that ships 10 million safety and personal lancets and insulin pens daily. Faced with a quickly evolving medical technology industry and outdated IT infrastructure, HTL-STREFA was ready to embark on their own digital transformation. In order to begin their modernization journey, improve performance, increase agility and enhance security, HTL-STREFA chose VMware Cloud Foundation. 

Needling Inefficiencies 

HTL-STREFA was previously working off a two-decades-old IT environment that was built in-house. While the infrastructure served them well for years, it didn’t scale properly, meaning that as the company grew, the environment struggled under increasing demands and fierce industry competition. Additionally, the organization was searching for a streamlined and efficient IT environment to manage their manufacturing, ensure the protection of workloads and business operations and maximize uptime. 

IT Infrastructure on Point 

With assistance from VMware Cloud Provider Partner, Ergonet, HTL-STREFA established a new hybrid cloud based on VMware Cloud Director and the latest versions of VMware Cloud Foundation, consisting of vSphere, vSAN, vRealize and NSX Data Center.

After upgrading to their suite of VMware Cloud services, HTL-STREFA gained stable network connectivity and a  99.99% system availability. Zero downtime ensures business continuity and uninterrupted access to data. Performance was drastically improved without adding more hardware or staff. Additionally, by deploying solutions that included NSX Data Center and vSAN HTL-STREFA is primed for future growth and with vRealize they can optimize their application experience. Not only do the VMware solutions empower seamless business operations, but boost the security of their corporate systems.  

Another benefit is their move to the cloud accelerates the rate at which they do business. vRealize allows HTL-STREFA to scale quickly and innovate easily. Plus, the applications that now run on virtual machines are easily and quickly testable. This translates to the organization being able to test new products, thus allowing them to innovate quickly, remain competitive in the industry, and ultimately, help patients around the world.

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