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Cloud Camp Virtual Roadshow by VMware

VMware’s Cloud Camp Virtual Roadshow returns on Jan. 18 and 19, delivering exceptional insight and practical experience to help IT practitioners extend their cloud knowledge and learn the essentials of migrating workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS. In these sessions, our cloud experts will walk you through the steps of a cloud migration journey and show you the way to smoothly and successfully migrate workloads from your on-premises data center to a VMware Cloud on AWS Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC).

Our team of experts will give you an insiders’ view of migrating to VMware Cloud on AWS, including network connectivity options, application dependency mappings and the use of VMware HCX to migrate workloads quickly and seamlessly. We’ll also show you a detailed demo of the migration process, answer your questions through a live Q&A, and also hear from one of our commercial customers about their experience with VMware Cloud on AWS. These sessions will be available in English, Spanish, French and Korean across the Americas, Asia-Pacific, and Europe/Middle East/Africa regions.

In case you missed the first installment of Cloud Camp Virtual Roadshow, you can watch the replay here. At this session, VMware Cloud and AWS experts jointly addressed:

  • How the service integrates tightly with 200+ native AWS services running on top of vSphere
  • Its robust support for business-critical applications
  • Common use cases ‑‑ including modernizing existing applications with Kubernetes

Don’t forget to register for the next Cloud Camp Virtual Roadshow! For more information on the full range of self-paced, in-depth Cloud Camp courses, check out the Cloud Camp by VMware platform where you can earn badges and gain access to exclusive events.


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