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Deliver Value-Enhancing Solutions with VMware Validated Solutions

By Gary Blake, Lalitha Ramesh, and Josh Townsend

Designing, configuring, deploying and maintaining multi-cloud is a challenging and time-consuming task, but it is critical to achieving enterprise agility, scale and flexibility for organizations. VMware Cloud Foundation provides consistent infrastructure and operations across private and public clouds to deliver a unified hybrid cloud platform. In addition, it provides a complete set of highly secure software-defined services for compute, storage, network, security, Kubernetes and cloud management across private and public clouds.

Organizations typically rely on their Virtual Infrastructure (VI) admins, in-house experts or VMware Professional Services to deploy various use cases such as VMware Tanzu on top of VMware Cloud Foundation, load balancing or disaster recovery. However, deploying customized use cases in the cloud can pose challenges, including conducting end-to-end validations to analyze and discover optimal system and scale configurations. Often, additional infrastructure configuration work is required before the infrastructure is ready to run enterprise workloads. Admins must integrate with existing infrastructure, security controls and interface with new tools and APIs. Ultimately, this increases deployment time and complexity, taking admins away from other critical tasks.

Announcing VMware Validated Solutions

Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of VMware Validated Solutions – a vetted portfolio of technical validated solutions designed to help customers build secure, high-performing, resilient and efficient infrastructure for their applications and workloads deployed on VMware Cloud Foundation. Each VMware Validated Solution is fully validated by expert VMware solution architects and can be deployed out of the box with VMware Cloud Foundation. Each solution includes detailed design with design decisions, implementation procedures and, where applicable, automated steps using infrastructure-as-code using Terraform, PowerShell and operational guidance. These solutions also include a Time-to-Deploy value that provides an estimated time to deploy the solution, helping VI admins and architects to plan and deploy the solution.

The components of VMware Validated Solutions

The first set of solutions available today includes the following:

With VMware Validated Solutions, organizations can quickly and easily scale infrastructure and applications running on VMware Cloud Foundation with validated, consumable, repeatable and automated solutions. Infrastructure-as-code samples further accelerate deployments through automated workflows that reduce manual labor and rework, rapidly implementing solutions on VMware Cloud Foundation.

Get started today!

Access VMware Validated Solutions on core.vmware.com and our corresponding Terraform code samples on Github, or install PowerValidatedSolutions PowerShell module from the PS Gallery to get started. You can access Frequently Asked Questions here.

VMware Validated Solutions require an active VMware Cloud Foundation license with SDDC Manager. VMware Validated Solutions are available to customers at no additional cost.

What’s Next?

We are also working on additional turnkey VMware Validated Solutions, including solutions based on Site Protection and Disaster Recovery. If you’re interested in learning more about these solutions please visit the VMware Validated Solutions section on core.vmware.com.


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