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Announcing General Availability of VMware Cloud Foundation 4.2.1 and VMware Cloud Foundation

Two new GA announcements for VMware Cloud Foundation this week, both including important security updates to VMware vCenter Server Appliance and other BOM updates as detailed below.

VMware Cloud Foundation 4.2.1

The VMware Cloud Foundation 4.2.1 release includes the following:

  • Security fixes for Photon OS:  SDDC Manager 4.2.1 contains security updates for Photon OS packages from PHSA-2021-3.0-185 to PHSA-2021-3.0-209. To view information about the updates, see Photon OS release 3.0 advisories.
  • Security fixes for VMware vCenter Server Appliance: See VMSA-2021-0010.
  • BOM updates: Updated Bill of Materials with new product versions.

More details can be found in the VMware Cloud Foundation 4.2.1 Release Notes.

VMware Cloud Foundation 4.2.1 Bill of Materials (BOM)

The Cloud Foundation software product is comprised of the following software Bill-of-Materials (BOM). The components in the BOM are interoperable and compatible.

Software ComponentVersionDateBuild Number
Cloud Builder VM4.2.125 MAY 202118016307
SDDC Manager4.2.125 MAY 202118016307
VMware vCenter Server Appliance7.0.1.0030125 MAY 202117956102
VMware ESXi7.0 Update 1d04 FEB 202117551050
VMware NSX-T Data Center3.1.217 APR 202117883596
VMware vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager8.2 Patch 204 FEB 202117513665
Workspace ONE Access3.3.404 FEB 202117498518
vRealize Automation8.206 OCT 202016980951
vRealize Log Insight8.206 OCT 202016957702
vRealize Log Insight Content Pack for NSX-T3.9.2n/an/a
vRealize Log Insight Content Pack for Linux2.1n/an/a
vRealize Log Insight Content Pack for Linux  -Systemd1.0n/an/a
vRealize Log Insight Content Pack for vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.0.1+1.0.2n/an/a
vRealize Log Insight Content Pack for VMware Identity Manager2.0n/an/a
vRealize Operations Manager8.206 OCT 202016949153
vRealize Operations Management Pack for VMware Identity Manager1.1n/an/a

VMware Cloud Foundation

VMware Cloud Foundation includes bug and security fixes. You can upgrade to VMware Cloud Foundation from VMware Cloud Foundation 3.10.2. More detail can be found in the VMware Cloud Foundation Release Notes.

VMware Cloud Foundation contains the following BOM updates:
Software ComponentVersionDateBuild Number
SDDC Manager3.10.2.125 MAY 202118015401
VMware vCenter Server Appliance6.7 Update 3n25 MAY 202118010531

For more information about VMware vCenter Server Appliance 6.7 Update 3n, see the release notes.

Congratulations to the teams on getting these important updates to customers in a timely manner.


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